The 1000th Tier List


I know that 1,000 people have probably already created their own tier list, but I have put a lot thought and work in to this tier list. I have been playing Skullgirls for a while and I’ve watched some tournaments before and so I think I’ve come up with a reasonable tier list. I’m trying to be impartial and not make the list based on characters I use/dislike fighting.

High Tier
Parasoul - With her fencing-like play style and napalm, she has crap loads of potential I believe hasn’t quite been reached yet. She is capable of insane combos and her napalm when used right is very hard to deal with. I believe she is still developing a bit, but already she has shown her true might. I feel the need to share this video. [media=youtube]X3cltXf1H9A[/media]

Cerebella - The grappling character. Every fighting game has one. I find her incredibly hard to fight. She quite significantly the hardest hitting character (with a 1 tension blockbuster that does 50% of the opponent’s health). She has a long reach and is capable of combos that do about 75% of the opponent’s health. Even if you block her, she is likely to just grab you. However, I do believe I have seen her full potential reached.

Mid Tier
Valentine - I truly hate Valentine with every inch of my body, but I do believe she deserves this spot. She has large combos that even when blocked are generally completely unpunishable. The nurse has a good approach and a good speed, so she will always be right in your face with her never ending combos. If you dare get hit by her dosed projectile, your in for the rape of your life.

Painwheel - I’m sure a lot of you will disagree, but I think that Painwheel has great potential and will soon reveal to be one of the best. She is very hard to use and learn, but I’m sure once her potential is reached she will be very deadly. Her flying allows for a good approach and deadly mix-ups, and painwheel is capable of insane combos. She also has a great reset ability and can do massive damage in her combos. I believe one day Painwheel’s greatness will be revealed.

Mid-low Tier
The reason I named this tier ‘Mid-low tier’ is because I believe the characters in this game are (for the most part) balanced and can hold their own against all other characters. Calling this low tier would give these 4 characters less credit then they deserve. I’m sure this will be where people start disagreeing with me, but please read my reasoning carefully and try to understand.

Double - I myself use double, but I did not favor him because of that in any way. Double is capable of working directly around the IPV system and unleashing massive combos that can do about 75% of an opponent’s health. I felt a little uneasy about putting double here, however, because she is in danger of being strongly nerfed in the next patch. I know little about what will be done (I know that her assist will be nerf and I heard something about the IPV system being more strict) but I believe the nerf can’t be too bad on double alone. I did not consider this while ranking her, but her assist is the best in the game and can be safely spammed and abused.

Peacock - Peacock is an interesting character and I found it very hard to place her. No matter how good you are, if you don’t know how to fight Peacock, she will rape you. Peacock is very hard to fight and counter to contrary belief, she actually has many different play styles (The main one being runny, campy, and gay). Peacock’s up close game is a bit lacking, however, and she can be shut out if she doesn’t keep her distance. I hate putting her so low because she is very powerful and difficult to fight, but the characters above her are just better characters.

Mrs. Fortune - A very interesting character. She has some decent combos and when the head is detached she can be very annoying. She is another character with a lot of potential, however, as I have witnessed her (In the most recent version as of June 12th) having an infinite. She’s not as an extreme example as peacock, but if you don’t know how to fight her she can be very annoying. She is easy to learn how to fight though. I see a bit of potential in Mrs. Fortune, but even so it has not been reached and even when it is I feel that it may not be that great at all.

Filia - I’m positive many of you will disagree with Filia’s placement on the bottom. I have seen many tier lists where she is placed around the upper-middle tiers, but I really think she is the worst. When I say she is the worst, I’m not saying she’s terrible. She still is a good character, but I believe the other characters are just better then her. She has very little potential that has already been reached and cannot be exceeded. Her combos are decent, but they appear better then they truly are. She has a very good approach with her fast air dash and her Jumping HP, but once you know how to fight Filia she becomes a breeze. I have seen some of the best Filias (And beaten them) and I must say that Filia is a good character, but she just falls a little short of the others.


I have played Skullgirls for a long time now and I have seen my fill of great players with all characters. I made the tier list being completely impartial of who I like/dislike and I ranked them on how they play by themselves without assists (Otherwise Peacock and Double would be in God tier). I am open to any disagreements you may have, but please use logic and reasoning and not “EFF YOU FILIAS BOSS”. I may be a little off about the tiers themselves, but I believe the characters order is as accurate as possible. I myself use Double, Peacock, and Parasoul, and I am interested in hearing who you guys use! So comment about what you think I did write/wrong and tell me what you think! Please consider my opinions carefully before you disagree however. Thank you for reading!


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