The 16-Bit Era Thread

I saw a discussion about older games in the video game discussion thread and a lot of games I never heard of mentioned. Since it would be derailing to continue the discussion there I decided to make a seperate thread for it. Basically this thread is to talk about the golden era of gaming and any games in that style. This can include console, handheld and modern games and also applies to the 8-bit generation as well. If you have any games or OSTs you would like to recommend or just any topics about these type of games plz feel free to post them here.

Alright so with that said lets get this nostalgia going.

Nothing details a thread about video games like discussion about video games

GD needs this thread as badly as Phantom Angel needs convincing to buy an apple product.


[](Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!

You know the thread exists and still went ahead and made this one?


[](Video Game General 3.0 - You know what should come back? Pre-rendered backgrounds!

I clicked that link and everyone was talking about video games


Stay on topic, fuckbutts!

I don’t get what the big deal is. We have threads dedicated specifically to FPS, RPGs, Pokemon and even a hentai thread. I don’t see why it would be objectionable to have a thread specifically for older games. I figured focusing all the discussion of that speicfic topic into a single spot instead of having to sort through different pages across a large ass thread would be a good idea. I mean isn’t there a unpopular gaming opinion thread and a thread for video game OSTs, it seems like we already have threads that could just as well be all in one place so is a thread dedicated specifically to talking about and recommending older games that big of a deal.

These guys whine so much, don’t worry.

I also love 16-bit era games. Those games were so simple, but the best things are often the simple things.

close this thread please @Preppy ?

Peeps, if you don’t like a thread, stay out of it and let it die. Every time I see people bumping a thread they don’t like I die a little inside.

So how about that Coleco Chameleon?
Thats a new capture card 16 bit console.

Oldschool 2d are the best, can’t stand 3d, give me headache

I hear that shit’s as good as a SNES and a Jaguar combined, can’t wait for release.

@ReoGeoSRK You’re pretty new, and posting in GD. So if you make a thread, people are going to bust your balls. What no one in saying is that if po or OZ made this thread, we wouldn’t make anything if it.

…But where’s the fun in that? Ah, I’ve gone off topic.

I still own my SNES and a plethora of games. My brother, who lives next door on the same property, is borrowing it right now to play FFVI for the first time ever. He was confused when I referred to it as VI because it has III on the cartridge. I’m surprised the battery is still good in it, but so far he’s been able to save.

To this day, that game continues to hold my No. One RPG of all time spot. Some games have come close- I still have the cartridges for Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Chrono Trigger (incidentally, I have Chrono Cross for PS, too, lol). They just don’t make them quite like they used to. Bravely Default is the closest any game has come in a long time to getting back to the golden age of 16-bit RPGs. That and Ni No Kuni, both of which I’m excited there are sequels coming soon.

Tbh I think people would for Po, for Zoo I think it’d be less not busting balls because he ain’t new and more not busting balls because it would contain the Affinity level indie shilling.

lol Okay I might not have chosen the best examples.

Dark Sakul or Phantom Angel, then.

Since I don’t want to make another thread, I’ll post this here:

Go to

the scroll down to “List of highest-grossing arcade video games”

I’m fine with people giving me a hard time I just didn’t wanna make a thread that violated the rules. As long as it’s ok and I didn’t make a pointless thread I’m good.

Uh… :confused: