The 16-Bit Era Thread

No, you blatantly made a pointless thread.


You should have stayed in the KoF thread. You ain’t strong enough for GD.

Gunstar Heroes > Broforce

Genesis fanboys are just SNES disciples that haven’t seen the light yet

Genesis does what Nintendon’t.

Still play the good ol SNES every three months or so. DKC series, Biker Mice from Mars (the shit), Contra III, UMK3, SF Alpha 2, Tetris Attack, NBA Hangtime (the team is on fire!) and a few others. Some games I wish I had: Uniracers, Earthworm Jim 2, Sunsetriders, Megaman 7, TMNT turtles in time, Yoshi’s Island shit can’t remember others I played at friends and cousins house.

including falling out of the console market?

I am making a game based on the life of Manx. You will all play it or (or else) because it is literally based on his life.


This thread is more suited to me than the others for sure.
SNES, Genesis, PSX, Saturn, and Dreamcast = Best consoles ever.
In the Playstation thread, everyone’s mean to me because they like pretty graphics, but I like games that are timeless.

on topic tho, how about that Kirby’s Superstar and Tetris attack? Two of the best SNES games.

I guess this is a good thread to ask this question…

Anyone here have the Retro Freak? I’m kinda interested in it, but I want input from anyone here who has it. Plus, one of the reviews mentioned overheating…is that a common problem, or was the reviewer just unlucky?

Never heard it until now. This seemed like a good review though-

Alundra on psx still my favorite game of all time, it’s a shame it never gets a true sequel

Speaking of PS1 games…
I want a Colony wars HD.

Landstalker was soooooo gooooood. I can imagine Alundra being great too.

Dude, have you seen the shit people talk to Po? Warranted or not, that man gets continuously shit on more than any member here.

No one is mean to you.

Shining Force II was the Tactical RPG I’ve enjoyed the most strangely. It also has the most badass themes ev444rrr 11one!

“If Po said it, I must be against it”*** isn’t just a throwaway line.

One of these days, I’m going to get my hands on a modded SNES so I can play Japan only releases like Bahamut Lagoon and Mario & Wario.

I just got it and started playing it for the first time. It’s pretty good. I’m like an hour into it and lost on where to go. I like that.

I still say Sonic 2 > Mario World