The 16-Bit Player's Thread


Cause I really don’t enjoy new games (not as much as I should), I still consistently play my SNES, and I just enjoy the simplicity of the graphics and the gameplay.

Let us use this thread to discuss how much we love our
Some Links - Good place to purchase for older games and systems
I usually go there, ebay or Amazon when looking for games to buy. Always search all three to find the best value for your buck. - Good site for a lot of stuff

If your SNES/Genesis is busted or you don’t have one, I recommend either
None of them are perfect, so I would read reviews before settling on one. The first 2 links are SNES/NES combos, 3rd is a SNES/GENESIS and the last one accepts all 3.

Unfortunately Japan thinks North Americans are brutes and do not want fun RPG’s. So games like Bahamut Lagoon, Secret of Mana 2, Star Ocean (probably the most advanced graphics for a SNES game, could pass for a PSX game) and Terranigma were only available as ROMs online. But some people took the time to transfer the ROM date to actual cartridges (mainly Wizardry carts because they are in high supply, nobody wants them and have a battery back up), created stickers and even sometimes boxes.
Trying to find these, might go for a pretty penny online, but it might be worth it if you really want it.

Now I usually go on little sprees where I buy 4-5 SNES games every half year or so. Keeps me busy and expands the library.
On my next spree, I want to pick up Uniracers, Spiderman: Animated Series and maybe the Star Wars games for some difficulty.


Was recently thinking i need to get a new SNES, I’m sure mine is toast having sat in storage for so long. Where you buy your games Odin? Online? There’s a couple local shops near me but I haven’t been in tot hem in a while. One of them is pretty organized but the owners a dick I don’t really like him very much. The other store is the exact opposite. The owners a real nice guy but holy fucking shit is his shop a fucking catch all, there is shit everywhere. Digging around in there I never know what I’ll find. Sometimes is kinda fun when i have nothing to do for a little while or something but otherwise it’s a rail pain in the ass.

still have my snes and gensis and all games

Been playing a ton of SNES stuff lately, nostalgia and wanting to play you know…good games and all that.

Right now I got Link to the Past, SMW, Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger on my plate.

One of my closest friends works at a store that specializes in older games. But he has been there so long, he has stopped giving me deals. Which is weird.
So the past 2 or 3 years I have been either buying from amazon, ebay or these nigs. Always good to look around, because everyone prices at a different amount.
I asked my bud about the Super Star Wars trilogy today and he said 20 bucks each. On players choice, they are 7.99 each. So it’s a big lol.

And in case people missed it…

Val posted it in the lounge earlier. But the Super Fighter team is producing Nightmare Busters. On sale for about 70 bucks. (STILL CHEAPER THEN WHEN I GOT MY ALPHA 2 FOR OVER A HUNDRED BACK IN 1995)
I may be getting this.

Since I gave my SNES away to my younger cousin, I’m using an emulator to play the good ol’ games. With a little tinkering I can play using a PS3 controller.

How are those retro consoles? I’m guessing that they’re basically the same quality as an average PC emulator. Not that I’m advocating using emulation. Ideally you’d use the original hardware.

To me, emulators don’t seem as “smooth” as a console.
And those retro consoles seem are pretty much 99% accurate to the originals, from what I have seen. But I would take them over emulators, 10 out of 10 times.

pretty much all my games

i have no idea how you would play atari 2600 but my nes2 and everything else works fine

I’m currently playing Lufia 2 and Seiken Densetsu 3 on my Thunderbolt.

Josh, sick collection.

ya I never get rid of my games, unless something like a collection comes out like MM and MMX collection