The 16 gamestop finalists

Yo wiz!

Do I and the other 15 guys need to register for EVO or are we already in the books for SF4?

You still have to sign up and pay for the sf4 tournament, its just you get placed into the semi bracket instead of having to go through pools.

Make sure all GAMESTOP finalists sign up and pay before May 31st to save $20!

Plano, Texas - David Hem - C.Viper
San Jose, California - Chris “CSB” - Balrog
Chamblee, Georgia - Mike Ross - E.Honda
New York, New York - Justin Wong - Rufus
Irondequoit, New York - Rahsaan “EvilRahsaan” - Dhalsim
Glendale, Arizona - Juicebox Abel - Abel
Chicago, Illinois - Ari “Floe” Weintraub - Sagat
Tukwila, WA - Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole - Balrog
Louisville, Kentucky - Jason “DreamTR” Wilson - M. Bison
Bloomington, Minnesota - Kyle “Coyotegrey” - Zangief
New Jersey, New Jersey - Christian “CapMaster” O’Hanlon - Sagat
Orlando, Florida - Trent “GimmeThemShoes” Vandeven - ???
La Place, Louisiana - “jakob002” - M. Bison
Halethorpe, Maryland - Eric “Ramza” Kim - Sagat
Maumee, Ohio - Antawn Ortiz - Balrog

To add a couple of the missing online handles:

David Hem = aznhitler
Mike Ross = TheGreaterForce
Antwan Ortiz = TheAlucard

Where in the semi-finals bracket will the gamestop 16 be placed? I keep on running bracketing scenarios in my head with the 48 coming from pools, but none of them make real sense to me. Top 8 to winners and bottom 8 to losers is the best one I could think of, but you’d be starting half of them off with a loss. Anybody know?

All seeded players will be placed into winners bracket in semifinals. Gamestop players aren’t the only seeds either - there’s also Daigo, Iyo, Poongko, Marn, Rex0r, and Josh P. Not all of them are showing up, so I would imagine any empty spots would just become byes.

And it’s top 4 from pools who qualify in SF4 and HD Remix, so 4 will actually have a 128-man semifinal bracket.

A few others have said this, but the evo site says top 2. Where are you getting this?

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wiz just confirmed it in the post your pool thread

^the post to end all posts