The 20 Best Fighting Games of all Time - the results are in, and the SCIII winner too

Well, late last year I made this thread asking you guys to contribute to the voting of the 20 Best Fighting Games of all Time at, and offering a copy of Soul Calibur III to one random entry.

Well, the results are in and the list has been completed and compiled, and of course the winner of the game has been drawn. This has been posted on the main page of the site but since most of you wouldn’t visit it I’ll make the announcement here that the winner of the copy of Soul Calibur III is Adrian Hancock. I don’t know whether he’s from shoryuken so if this is you, make sure you check your inbox for an e-mail asking you to provide your details so we can have the game sent out to you!

Now, to the Best 20 Fighting Games list. I know some of you guys are going to be astonished by some of the results…we certainly were when we were tallying all the votes. Keep in mind we didn’t determine this list, this was voted by the people, including a good number of people from this forum I’m guessing. It was quite a broad demographic that was represented, from the casual gamer to the competitive tournament gamer. I’m sure you would agree that there are indeed some very odd inclusions in there, but what’s done is done. This is what people voted for, so this is how the final 20 finished up.

You can read it right here.

At the very least it should be some decent weekend reading for you :slight_smile: Don’t hurt me too badly, my face can only take so much punishment…


Props to the SSB mentions. I love the SF2 WW in #1. It totally deserves it. I think KOF should have received mentions. I’d have stuck 98 or 2k2 over t5 or t1 I dont think T1 really did anything, especially since VF came out first. I also feel, as great as t5 is, it’s just the 5th one in the series.

Sorry, the list is crap.

Mortal Kombat 2 over Tekken 5 and VF4:Evo?
Super Smash Bros Melee and Soul Calibur over Street Fighter 3:TS???
Killer Instinct over Street Fighter 3:TS??
Mortal Kombat 1 over Marvel vs Capcom 2, Capcom vs Snk 2 and Super Street Figther Turbo???

Nothing against you at all, I just think that list is very, very flawed.

Good Job though.

uh thats what people voted for. thats all there is to it

I can agree with that. I think the list isn’t exactly in order of quality, awarding far too many slots to classic pioneering games over actual quality.

Crappy list imo! great games lsited but in blatently wrong order… this seems like a nostalga list. What about KOF 98 or 2002? And what da fuck is with the novelty games like Killer instinct and mortal kombat? people stoppped playing those games a long time ago.

…truth…I guess.

SFIII: NG and SFIII:2nd Impact did not place…surprisingly. Not even an honorable mention. The list is as worst as Mark Beast’s Best Rappers Poll. Still to each his own. We’ll make a way better list, right SRK?

List isn’t that bad to me, some games missing, some in the wrong order IMHO, but eh. Most of my favorite fighters are in there. KOF should of gotten more love to, but so it goes, that’s the internet for you.

the problem with thee lists is that there’s never a solid criteria established for people to vote by, and even if there was, people would ignore it anyway. SFII:WW doesn’t belong in the #1 spot for “best” fighting game. Most influential does not equal “best”. It doesn’t even belong in the top 20.

srk should do a contest with emails like they did (but offer multiple prizes instead of just 1), it would be interesting to see the difference in the top 20.

Top three games would be 3s cvs2 and mvc2, with vf4evo and t5 being close behind. Most of SRK like to share the same opinions.

no kof98 - boooooooooo!

good games in the list - fucking HORRIBLE order…

Can someone get the data on what games have pulled in the most money? My bet is that MvC2 has brought in the most money of any fighter…

are you really sure about that SF2 shouldnt even belong in the top #1 spot? where were you back in the early 90’s when SF2 first came out? wasnt it back in the 90’s when tons of people surrounded the SF2 arcade machine kicking each others ass to see who’s the best player and arcade machines were making tons of money every month even if its a twenty-five cents a game? Didnt the malls used to promote SF2 so much that they had huge posters hanging up and that every supermarket or gas station had a SF2 arcade inside and that there were more arcade tilt back then compare to today. so Polarity, where were you when all these things were going on? oh yea, you were just a kid back in the 90’s not even knowing whats going on in the SF2 scene. you never felt the SF2 scene, thats why you dont consider SF2 to be #1. You came too late to join the fighting game scene when 90% of the fans disappear and only 10% are holding on to dare life. this is why i hate new generation gamers cause they dont know much about the past and curse at any old games that doesnt have great graphics.

the list seems bull to me. Killer Instinct and SSB being top 3 is way too bull. My theory is that gamefaqs user storm that website and started voting for SSB. We need true fighting players to vote for “the top 20 best fighting game of all time”, not some random people that like SSB over any other fighting game. oh well, i dismiss “the top 20 fighting games poll” as another gamefaqs “Super Character Battle Poll” where fans vote for their favorite character again.

i say Evolution 2k6 should do a poll on the best fighting games cause all those players are true fighting game players.

Do you mean console sales, tournament money, arcade money, or a combination of all 3?

Your absolutely right, SF2:WW would have been number one in the 90’s. They really gotta stop selling those rose colored glasses at convenience stores. It’s not a bad game, put to put it atop every effort for the next ten years, isn’t right. It should be on the list, that’s a given, but not number one.

I didn’t like the list either. Lets all start a list that all SKR’ers can agree on.

Er… Thats gonna be a tough call.

Yeah I know. But as long as we come up with someting better then that list.

This man is 100% truth.

Some people don’t realize what it was like back in 1991 when SF2:WW first came out in arcades over here. I doubt we’ll see any crazyness like that again for the U.S. arcade scene.

I’m shocked that SC2 ranked so high up on the list though. Oh how the mighty have fallen with SC3.

VF Evolution ranked higher than I expected it would. I hope that’s a good sign for the future when VF5 comes out.

Killer Instinct is on this list? :annoy: Oh well, so is Mortal Kombat.