The 2011 EVO Flight Schedules & Rooming thread!

As the title states, this is the tread to find people who have the same flight as you, or to arrange a flight with the same group of people and also to find someone to room with. I will just post up what what I had from the previous thread I created last year for EVO2k10.

"**Same as last year folks, we’d all like to know who is flying out for EVO so we can be on the same flight(s)! Its better to fly with friends, that way if I go down in flames, I have homies to go out with and not some punk ass kids next to me. Last year I believe Zach started a thread like this so we could all try our best to fly out at roughly the same time and it worked out great. But seriously, lets get this planning process in gear!

One of the noted perks of flying with friends is not only do you have someone to talk to that you know on your flight, you also have a partner to go in on the cab fair from the Las Vegas airport to the hotel that you are staying at. Who doesn’t like saving money? Its a goddamn recession people!

Last year we had a flight with about 12 Northwest heads and we had a limo just chillin’ at Las Vegas airport (by coincidence)…anyway, we all fit into this super stretch ride to the Rio and it was relatively cheap in price for the 12 of us.

Post your flight information in this thread if you wanna be a cool kid!

  1. Name of the airline + Flight number

  2. Time that your flight departs from SEA/PDX & arrives to Las Vegas

  3. The seat number on your flight, this is important if you’d like to sit next to your friends!

  4. The hotel that you are staying at. It would make sense for group A to go to hotel A and group B go to hotel B. I do not need to explain this further do i?

  5. Post your return flight schedule as well I guess, it wouldn’t hurt.

  6. I know I’m missing something here…will update when I remember.

^^ Here is the thread I posted last year if you had any questions or whatever.

So on top of the flight information, please post up your boarding situations if you need some people to room with you ect… DUH!

Nate wanted me to create this thread already so YOMP!

The Baller Suite / Baller Flight Information

**Alaskan Airlines **
**Thursday July 28th **
Alaska Flight 610
Depart - Seattle 1:25 PM
Arrive - Vegas 3:57 PM
Seats - 8C

Monday August 1st
Alaska Flight 611
Depart - Vegas 4:40 PM
Arrive - Seattle 7:13 PM
Seats - 9D

I got this flight in early April or late March and it cost me around $285

Confirmed in the Baller Suite (Owe) - (Paid)

  • (L) Famous Nate - ($150 + tax) - ($150+tax)
  • (XL) KrazyKoreanFrank - ($150) - ($0)
  • (L) Tha Deezo - ($150) - ($0)
  • (L) Tanaka Force - ($150) - ($0)
  • (L) Russell - ($150) - ($0)
  • (L) ZeroStar.hx - ($150) - ($0)
  • (L) Nolander - ($150) - ($0)
  • (XL) Joshimitsu - ($150) - ($0)

For People Already Confirmed Into The Baller Suite

  • If people are 100% sure they are in the room and not going to cancel they could Pay-Pal or pay me next time I come over the mountains their portion and I could reserve the room asap and they would be paid off and wouldn’t have to worry about it. Either way I should have enough money for the room within a week or two from 5/19/2011.

Open Spots
No open spots right now

The Baller Suite Video Tour

IMPORTANT: In the video above there is a ROBE hanging in the closet…DIBS, touch my robe from The Baller Suite and you are kicked out no refunds…bitch

The Baller Suite’s Baller Specs.
The Baller Suite is a 1600 square feet suite (about 3X as big as the average Caesar’s Palace room from last year), so obviously there is PLENTY of room for people, 2 queen size beds the mattress is Serta, 1 couch (possibly 2, I need to double check this), 180 degrees of the walls are full size windows looking out over the strip, It has 1.5 bathrooms, Jacuzzi, a kitchen, Plasma TVs, Iron w/ board, Coffee Maker, and the bad ass feeling of being a Baller in The Baller Suite.

What YOU should expect in The Baller Suite

  • Hella Drinking
  • Hella Smoking
  • Hella Partying
  • Hella YOMP

** Although on a more serious note.**

  • There are going to be serious people trying to do good in The Baller Suite. I am not one of them, I could give a fuck I am here to party, but I know the majority of people in this room are here to show their skill, and I respect that. I know a couple of these guys have the ability to go far in the tournament and I want those individuals to do as good as possible, so we need to take our roommates into consideration

  • For that I was thinking about having a specific area of The Baller Suite designated to people who have early matches, wanna get out of the way of the rush, wanna take a nap, basically I want just a general place to chill and relax before our matches.

What I expect FROM PEOPLE STAYING IN The Baller Suite

  • Hella Drinking
  • Hella Smoking
  • Hella Partying
  • Hella YOMP

What I really expect.

  • Respectful People
  • Clean People (No clothes everywhere bullshit)
  • No Stank Ass Niggas (If you smell like shit KrazyKoreanFrank and I will throw you in the shower, so go buy some Old Spice, ya stank ass niggas. )

- No pissing on the toilet seat and I swear if I walk into the bathroom to see floater in the toilet I will kick you out, it is not hard to press down the handle.
- No Dramatic Shit, I just want to have a dope ass trip, so if someone you know and you don’t get along with is in the room already just avoid coming to The Baller Suite, unless you two (or more) can keep it under control.

**Promo Deal: From The Rio Website (W/Promo Code valid until July 31st, 2011) **

**Important:***This deal is by far the best deal I could find although it has the most possible complications. I was able to find a promotion online for The Rio All Suites Hotel but the promotion only runs till the end of July. Also, if I use this promotion The Rio will not let me book the The Baller Suite until August 1st, it cuts me off on Sunday, July 31st. But since this deal is so good I really want to take advantage of it. So I have decided that if the people of The Baller Suite take this deal, which they should, I will double book and get another Baller Suite for Sunday night and Monday morning, basically just a place to crash after partying and finals. *

Promo Price A) $913.50 + $249.50(The Baller Suite Sunday Night) = $1,163.00

$1,163.00 / 8 = $ 145.37
$1,163.00 / 9 = $ 129.20
$1,163.00 / 10 = $ 116.30

If you got some questions for me or wanna get in the room feel free to call me on my cell (253) 441-9676 I will most likely answer or call you back within an hour(in case I am in class). You could also stalk me on Facebook since my name is Nate Douville and I am the ugly guy always talking. I am trying to make The Baller Suite as baller as possible because this is FUCKING EVO 2k11 BITCHES, I AM TRYING TO GET FUCKED UP, and have a better time than last year, which will be hard to top. So if you guys have any questions about the room or anything just hit me up.
Y.O.M.P Famous Nate
(253) 441-9676

we should keep this bumped or sticky so that as it gets closer we will be fine.

bump i’m booking my flight on april 1st

I still need to find a place to stay in / book my shit but I plan on going this year.

Shawn - U classify as tight in my eyes therefore if needed the baller suite has a spot for you.

BUMP for visual

and yo im lookin for people still

people need to get organized

Just bought my tickets, I wish I would have purchased them a month ago when I first started looking. Ended up being about $80 more than I saw a month ago.
I ended up paying $355 with tax for the times I wanted to go there and come back.
Me and Dustin are planning to play in a poker tourney on Monday before we head back to Seattle, that’s why we’re leaving so late. Planning on winning:)
I would recommend people buy their tickets soon to save money.

Alaskan Airlines
Thursday July 28th
Alaska Flight 616
Depart - Seattle
3:25 PM
Arrive - Vegas
5:51 PM
Seat - 12F

Monday August 1st
Alaska Flight 613
Depart - Vegas
8:55 PM
Arrive - Seattle
11:20 PM.
Seats - 9F

Dustin was able to get our room for the weekend for $180 Thursday through Sunday night!
As it stands we have 4 people confirmed for our room.
We will be offering up a couch spot for someone if needed.


  • Barry
  • Dustin
  • Greg
  • Doug

Open Spots

  • 1 couch spot.

Evo confirmed! I’m in there.


Bump for the update On THE BALLER SUITE.

Bump for confirm!

Bump room full atm

Depart: Jul 28
9:40 AM Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA) to
12:10 PM Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
Flight #1012

Return: Aug 1
3:40 PM Las Vegas, NV (LAS) to
6:15 PM Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA)
Flight #120

Total Cost: $326.40 (and guess what, no baggage fees either! Hate u, Alaska =])

I choose Option A, clearly the better choice. I don’t want to worry about moving my shit around on Sunday for a maximum $15 savings. Call the Rio after you book the suite online and see if they can extend the deal for an extra day. I spoke with someone there a bit ago and they said it may be a possibility, although we might have to wait until the day we get there to find out for sure.

Also, as I was checking out the deals today, the prices for the suite had already gone up from when you posted them a couple days ago. I say, book now before it gets any higher. Anybody in the suite that complains about an extra $15 because they wanted Option B can find another room, imho. Yes, I know it’s extra money, but $15? Who cares.

The Yompy Suite… damn, Evo2k11 is about to be out of control. Don’t know whether I’m looking forward to it or dreading it. =]

they just fired a night auditor… i hope this doesnt effect my vacation request ;/

ps: i snore like a chainsaw, so im gonna try to stay out and kick it as long as possible so niggas get to sleep before i do. hahah

Yeah Nolan that was my plan I will have enough money within like a week or two. When you checked the price did you use the promo code 50Suite for half off. Another thing is when I originally posted those numbers I forgot about the tax, I checked it last night and its not that much more so I can just cover the tax for the room.

I was also thinking that if people are 100% sure they are in the room and not gonna cancel they could pay pal me their portion and I could reserve the room asap and they would be paid off and wouldn’t have to worry about it. But either way I should have all the money for the room within a week or two.

The Baller Yompy Suite is about to fucking own.


Depart: Jul 28
9:40 AM Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA) to
12:10 PM Las Vegas, NV (LAS)
Flight #1012

Return: Aug 1
3:40 PM Las Vegas, NV (LAS) to
6:15 PM Seattle/Tacoma, WA (SEA)
Flight #120

Total Cost: $367.40

Yo. Trying to find a room for evo…