The 2011 UnCategory game awards. Your winners are?


SRK - tell me about a game you played in 2011. Create an award for it to win. This is not a GOTY show.

I’m on a podcast at For the two years we’ve run an awards show that is a year late and doesn’t have any categories.

By doing 2011 games you’ve had more time to play Xmas AAA titles. We don’t have categories because we all have different reasons for what we feel and dis/like about a game.

Pick a 2011 game & create an award for it. The award can be anything you want. It doesn’t have to be ‘the best’. It just has to be about your experience, good or bad, silly or serious. You can include board, web and mobile games too.

Example awards:

LA Noire: ‘Most accurate portrayal of mental illness in the police force’

  • I really connected and understood Cole’s outbursts. Isn’t he the everyman for the id and super ego battle within ourselves? smokes pipe*

Here’s a list of 2011 releases to jog your memory.

Have at it!