The 2011 Women's Madness Tournament- The Nominations Thread

After much debate, SRK’s annual Women’s Madness Tournament is making another appearance in GD! For those of you who don’t know, the Tournament was held on a yearly basis here on SRK, where the posters not only nominated 64 (or more) of the hottest women they could think of but voted on who they thought was the hottest woman based on a bracket, March Madness style.

Since The Invincible Swordsman has bowed out as the organizer of the tournament, I’m taking it over, and there will be a few things that will change to allow for a better tournament than in previous years.

So let’s get to how this will work:

This is the Nominations Thread. (As if you didn’t need me to tell you that.) This means, everyone that posts here who’d like a woman to be possibly entered into the field of 64 is entitled to make a post with 8 women in it. Of these 8 women, each one will fit into a specific category.

By specific category, there will be 8 different titles for each woman to fit into. For example, past winner Hirori would fit into the category of Asian girls (I’ll come up with a better name later, it’s too early in the morning). Christina Hendricks for the white wommenz category. Self Explanatory right?

Note: All previous champions will not need to be nominated as they will be included in the field.

We’ll keep this thread open for a week or so before the seeding will begin. I’ll try and wait until EVO’s over before having this closed. To determine the seeding, I’ve organized a group of posters from various places here on SRK more of whom I believe to be more qualified than myself to judge particular categories. After all the nominations have been taken and the seeding determined, this thread will be closed.

After the bracket has been set up, I’ll open up a main thread where all of the voting will take place. This is a change from previous years where multiple threads were opened across GD, then closed after the voting takes place. This is to cut down on the amount of unnecessary threads I’ll have to make and we can keep clutter of GD down. So by now, some of the participants/older posters are wondering, how are the votes taken if this will be in one thread?

The old system of polled threads was flawed. It ultimately lead to the famous saying that Pat Morita in drag would beat out Esther Baxter because of SRK’s yellow fever. It also allowed all the lurkers on GD and other threads to shift votes in directions not humanly possible. Also, lets not forget about the posters who’d go into other sections of SRK to get people to vote against a particular woman. So to get rid of this system, I’m proposing that we have a committee of Preregistered Voters. That means, if you’d like to vote on the bracket, post up here in the Nominations Thread. Votes will be counted like in the Battle Poll Contest Lantis holds. I’ll set that number to 31 posters for the moment. Each match up for each round will be posted in the main thread and voters will be required to post their votes.

Images (safe for work) and videos (if we can find them) will be posted of each particular woman.

I’ve been given a short leash on the tolerance of flame baiting, so try and have fun with this and not get your panties in a bunch.

The Categories:

Professional Athletes
Movie Actresses
TV Women (To include but not restricted to News Anchors, Daytime soap actors, Reality TV stars etc)
The Oriental Women
The Latin Women
The Caucasian Women
The Black Women
Miscellaneous Category

Also, I’ll open a post after this to keep track of who’s been nominated. Just because a woman has gotten a nomination doesn’t guarantee her a spot. Try not to nominate who’s already on the list.

EDIT: All people posting nominations will be accepted as voters.

The Nominations:
(Bolded Nominations denote a previous tourney champion)

Professional Athletes
Gina Carano
Maria Sharipova
Candice Parker
Laisa Andrioli
Maya Moore
Hope Solo
Laila Ali
Malia Jones
Simona Halep
Ana Ivanovic
Leryn Franco
Shawn Johnson
Szabina Tapai
Serena Williams
Minea Blomqvist
Kaley Cuoco

Movie Actresses
Hayley Atwell
Selma Hayek
Mila Kunis
Megan Fox
Rosario Dawson
Monica Belluci
Scarlett Johansson
Lacey Chabert
Jennifer Lawrence
Minka Kelly
Rachel McAdams
Diane Kruger
Eva Green
Emma Watson
Amanda Seyfried
Emily Rose
Rachel Weisz

TV Women
Aarti Mann
Kim Kardashian
Haley Reinhart
Jenn Grijalva
Alison Brie
Somaya Reece
Victoria Justice
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Lea Michele
Natasha Curry
Erin Andrews
Stacy Keibler
Kristen Bell
Ariana Grande
Morena Baccarin
Gillian Jacobs
Rosa Acosta
Zharick León
Alison Brie

The Oriental Women
Ellen Wong
Harumi Nemoto
Jamie Chung
Son Dam-Bi
Sarah Shahi
Brenda Song
Jessica Gomes
Angela Sun
Moon Bloodgood
Christine Mendoza
Rina Akiyama
Kelly Hu
Freida Pinto
Empress Schuck

The Latin Women
Jessica Alba
Sofia Vergara
Eva Mendes
Christina Millian
Jackie Gueriddo
Suelyn Medeiros
Julie Banderas
Mariana Davalos
Zoe Saldana
Johanna Maldonado
Alanna Ubach
Ana Beatriz Barros
Jessica Canizales
Michelle Rodriguez

The Caucasian Women
Keely Hazell
Olivia Wilde
Christina Hendricks
Malin Akerman
Jessica Biel
Elena Satine
Emma Stone
Kate Upton
Amazin’ Amie
Brooklyn Decker
Lacey Banghard
Emilie De Ravin
Nina Dobrev
Katt Dennings
Eva Amurri
Jesse Preston
Taylor Momsen
Shania Twain
Summer Glau
Jessica Stroup
Zooey Deschanel

The Black Women
Layla El
Paula Patton
Mouni Farro
Raven Symone
Vanessa Morgan
Erica Burton
Leona Lewis
Keri Hilson
Sharon Leal
Aisha Tyler
Stacey Dash
Esther Baxter
Antonia Thomas
Andy Allo
Thandie Newton
Misty Copeland
Vivica Fox
Jessica aka Ms.Rabbit

Miscellaneous Category
Navi Rawatt
Desiree Elyda
Hayden Panettiere
Lucy Pinder
Dominican Poison
Olivia Munn
Aishwarya Rai
Natalie Suliman
Kelly Brook
Yasmeen Ghauri
Bar Refaeli
Elisabetta Gregoraci
Angela Gossow

Registered Voters:

Jae Hoon
Geese Pants
The Invincible Swordsman
Black Jesus
Shaft Agent
Evil Samurai
Rock Bogart
white shadow
Sensei Rouzu
Dangerous J
The Epidemic

Nice to see this making a comeback. Rarely participate but enjoy seeing it play out. Oh, but I guess I might as well throw out the nomination for my girl Keeley Hazell

lol get on the lounge chat, my nigga.

Movie Actress: Hayley Atwell
TV Actress: Aarti Mann - Priya from Big Bang Theory
Oriental: Ellen Wong - Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim
Hispanic: Jessica Alba
Caucasian:Olivia Wilde
Black: Layla from WWE
Misc: Navi Rawatt - Amita from Numbers

I will register to be a voter as well.

The Categories:

Professional Athletes: Maria Sharipova
Movie Actresses: Mila Kunis
TV Women: Haley Reinhart
The Oriental Women: Jamie Chung
The Latin Women: Eva Mendes
The Caucasian Women: Malin Akerman
The Black Women: Beyonce
Miscellaneous Category:

Professional Athletes
Candice Parker

Movie Actresses
Megan Fox

TV Women
Jenn (from RW:Denver & The Challenge)

The Oriental Women
Son Dam-Bi

The Latin Women
Christina Milian

The Caucasian Women
Jessica Biel

The Black Women

Miscellaneous Category
Hayden Panettiere

Son Dam-Bi definitely has a charm to her. Very cute, mischievous face.

Professional Athletes: Laisa Andrioli

Movie Actresses: Hayley Atwell

TV Women: Alison Brie

Asian Women: Sarah Shahi

Latin Women: Sofia Vergara

Black Women: Mouni Farro

Caucasian Women: Elena Satine

Misc. Category: Lucy Pinder

The Categories:

Professional Athletes - Maya Moore
Movie Actresses - Rosario Dawson
TV Women - Somaya Reece
The Oriental Women - Brenda Song
The Latin Women - Sofia Vergara
The Caucasian Women -
The Black Women - Raven Symone
Miscellaneous Category - Dominican Poison (webcam girl with huge boobs, NSFW)

And you know this… MAN!

Professional Athlete - Hope Solo (For AMERICA!!)

Movie Actress - Monica “Sex Personified” Bellucci (because somebody already said Megan Fox)

TV Women - Victoria “Final” Justice (We’re gonna push her to the title!)

Asian Women - KT So (I can’t help it. I’ve got thing for her. )

Latin Women - Jackie Gueriddo (Hottest weather girl EVER!)

Black Women - Vanessa Morgan (if you don’t know, do some research)

Caucasian - Bryci (my favorite nude internet model… )

Miscellaneous - Olivia Munn AKA The Olivia Supermacy

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Let the madness return!!! :pray:

Athletic Women: Laila Ali

Black Women: Kai-Morae (Thickness)

Caucasian: Kim Kardashian (face, breasts, and ass)

My nominations

Pro athlete- Malia Jones

Movie Actress - Scarlett Johansson (damn you swordsman for taking Monica!)

TV Woman - Christina Hendricks

Asian Women - Christine Mendoza

Latin Woman - Suelyn Medeiros

Black Woman - Erica Burton

Caucasian - Emma Stone

Miscellaneous - Aishwarya Rai

Lol thread isn’t even a page long and there are already repeats, makes it obvious people do not read the first post and what other people posted. Myself included btw.

Can’t wait for the brackets and grand finals

LOL indeed. I need to update my second post to get rid of redundant nominations.

Hope the rules aren’t completely fixed… 90% of the tourney’s entertainment comes from the conflict and drama-- whining and bitching. Asians with lazy eyes and/or fake boobs killing the competition every year has gotten stale though.

count me in as a voter. As a sad, lonely internet nerd I’ve been waiting for this event to come back!

I nominate the woman in Shatterstars new AV.

Actress-Lacey Chabert
Caucasian-Kate Upton
Black-Leona Lewis
TV-Emmanuelle Chriqui

This is all I’ve got.

Daps to Dangerous J for nominating the most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya Rai.

Count me in as a voter…