The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


The draft is over and the Madden cover has been announced so it’s time for a new thread! Very soon it will also be time for you scrubs to start scouting for my annual coronation at the best FFL player in our annual SRK FFL. Lol. You guys are losers. I enjoy shit-talking you scrubs all year.

But really… this is a new season. Hopefully, the madden curse will hit Brady hard so another team can actually have a chance to win the super bowl.

Rep your teams boys! We all know my squad.


This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

On the road to vic-tor-iiieeeeee!!

NFL Thread: The Raiders will be moving to LasVegas. #blackhole2gloryhole

Da Bears!


Matriculating down the thread boys.

Enjoy one more year of checkdowns before the bombs commence next year. Chiefs will make the playoffs again, but haven’t improved enough to advance any further.

Alex Smith has 2 years left on his deal, but he’ll have to restructure if he wants to see the end of it. Not sure if someone who doesn’t make the deep throws (when the line allows) is worth $19 million.


Lez go salt!


First page. We in there. Only a few months left before we all witness Breesus blessing the fields of those who refuse to accept the Who Dat nation.


Go Bears…


You’re still alive? I would’ve thought you threw yourself off the bridge during the draft. :coffee:


Let’s go 49ers.



Nope, I’m not you :slight_smile:

They didn’t give up as much as say KC did.


Seahawks Super Bowl LII Champs.

And if I’m wrong may the football gods take it out on all of you by making the Cowboys the champs.




Go Fins! We can still get a wild card spot, right?


Lions all day, yo!




Houston Texans. Let’s go, Watt and Clowney finally.


Never thought I’d see the day…
Tom Brady on a Madden cover!!! :o

I guess conquering the Madden curse, is his last goal before retiring!!


Hail To The Redskins!



One year ago I wasn’t interested in the football season at all and now it can’t come soon enough.

Hype for Hard Knocks, PreSeason, Fantasy and of course the real season.

For the first time in 10 years I get to say anything less than a playoff spot for Tampa is unacceptable even in this very good division.

Go Bucs!


Bucs should have a good year. I’m hopeful for the Texans. Got a feeling the Cowgirls are going to crash back down to Earth.


Dak will win the MVP then the Super Bowl MVP winning it for the Cowboys then retire and lead NASA to Mars and become the MVP of the new Mars Football League.