The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


chiefs went to work in the 2nd half after norm went out


Mobile QB!?!?


Guess the Titans are “rebuilding” too now since Mariota went down…


if you look up depression in the dictionary Brandon Weeden throwing the football is the picture used


I wonder how many n-bombs were dropped by the owner when someone floated the idea of signing Kaep to him.


I don’t think Kaep ever plays in the NFL again.

Some of the bums and underachievers getting jobs offers before him, all but confirm it.


Kaep would help the Jags the most I believe of the teams that have QB as a weakpoint.


I’d love it if Kaep signed with the Dolphins, just so I could get one of his jerseys and really piss my dad off.


The Titans don’t have a choice in the matter. If they signed Kaep and then cut him the second Mariota got healthy, they’d be rioted against especially if Kaep happened to be winning during that time.


Cut Cassel IMO. He’s still living easy off the guaranteed money the Chiefs gave him.


Okay, and then what happens when Mariota returns and the Titans aren’t winning? Then the conspiracy theory starts up on why Kaep isn’t starting over the franchise QB.

I’ve said it multiple times and I’ll say it again. It’s Jacksonville or nothing.


He’ll only miss one game then. We have an early by week this year. Given the injuries that are mounting, we need it.


Kaep not being on a team just adds to his legend


Trubisky gonna end up looking and acting like Jay Cutler after a few seasons.


Tied for first. They have the same record as the Falcons, who only lost because 3 of their 4 best players weren’t on the field ( Julio Jones, Ryan Schraeder, Vic Beasley).


By tiebreakers they are first because it’s a 3+ way tie for first and at that point, division record kicks in. Not really a big deal since it’s only the quarter pole but just neat more than anything.

Also, don’t make excuse for the Falcons. They could easily be 1-3 right now and the Eagles have also been missing playmakers but for a hell of a lot longer than half a game. The Falcons are not the best team in the NFC right now even when healthy. I don’t even know if they’re the best team in the NFC South right now either outside of record.



Let Kaep play it out and have Mariota healed up for next year. Kaep can then take a coaching internship in Kansas City where everybody will threaten to sell their season tickets again (Nobody took me up on my offer to take their tickets off their hands when Vick was in town for three weeks)

As for Jacksonville, Kaep would have to wait until they move to London.


And this guy had the nerve to parade himself as a role model. Fuck this guy.


Cam in hot water for being sexist to a reporter acting like she didn’t know football as a woman.