The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Let Kaep play it out and have Mariota healed up for next year. Kaep can then take a coaching internship in Kansas City where everybody will threaten to sell their season tickets again (Nobody took me up on my offer to take their tickets off their hands when Vick was in town for three weeks)

As for Jacksonville, Kaep would have to wait until they move to London.


And this guy had the nerve to parade himself as a role model. Fuck this guy.


Cam in hot water for being sexist to a reporter acting like she didn’t know football as a woman.


He could have just called her out as an individual, but instead he just called women out in general. Dude isn’t even apologizing for it. I can’t help but wonder what he said to that reporter in that “closed door” meeting they had.


Max Kellerman keeping it real as fuck in this uncensored clip (ESPN edited Max out in the clip they put out):

It’s apparently a month old.


They’re really acting like this is a big deal? My God if you’re going to be a reporter especially one for men’s sports you need to learn to grow some thick skin. If something as simple as Cam’s statement gets your panties bunched up then you are in the wrong profession. As for the way ESPN responded to this I’ll quote Stephen A (And I lowkey loathe doing this). “They’re wrong and I don’t give a damn if they agree with me or not.”


It’s just a fucking stupid comment. But what’s ultimately keeping things going is the reporter saying that Cam said even worse behind closed doors, but she chose “not to say what it was”.

So in other words, this story is gonna run for another month and Cam has to learn to not say anything not directly related to his own football team because it NEVER goes well when he decides to use words.


He can always NOT say stupid shit on the mic. It’s not that hard.

I’m not going to give this dude a pass. It’s one thing if he’s just doing his job, but he’s painted himself as a role model to kids with that dumb Nickelodeon show he had. That’s his cross he’s going to have to bear whenever he takes the mic. Doing stuff like that, and on top of that not making any kind of apologetic public statement, is a monumentally bad look especially considering he’s already under fire for his character for numerous other stuff like punking out after the Super Bowl.


If you dont get that dumb ass shit the fuck outta here.


:lol: Spycarnegy should get a job at ESPN. He’s just as sensitive as they are.


Uh oh, Doug Martin is back to 2012 Form. Watch out league.


Where the fuck have you been? I said it and made it clear he looked fucking broken in pre-season and he will be a 80% three down back. I had no concerns starting him in all 3 of my fantasy leagues for that reason alone.

Still gonna be rough to win this game and I don’t think we will but so far I am fucking proud.


No offense but I really paid no attention to any of your posts, and also preseason brokenness doesn’t always translate to Regular Season.


This has to be the worst display of kicking I’ve ever seen ever.


What the hell? Did Aguayo contact some voodoo lady and curse the Bucs or some shit?


If anyone says that Kicker is an unimportant position in the NFL, show them this game. It’s literally the difference between a tied game and a two score game.

Why I’m happy to have Elliott now. We have a kicker that’s a legitimate weapon.


Would’ve been funny if NE’s defense let Folk off the hook.

But as it stands, lol TB kickers.


Well Folk is going to be lucking for job tomorrow.


Minus 3/5 best defensive players and we held Brady to 19. Winston played great for most part with some early game woes but again he is just 23 and this great and he got Jackson involved but missed the wide open shot he had.

The fact we had a shot to somehow win this game leaving 9 points off the table is fucking amazing enough.

This is all on Folk PERIOD… Winston will be the amazing leader he is and blame himself but its 100% on Folk and NO ONE else.

Can’t wait to be at the game in 10 days… Got to get to over .500 and revenge our massacre loss to the Cards from a year ago.

Maybe YoungHoe or Carpenter? Really not sure what Kicker is even that great to go get but Folk has got to go.