The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Uh oh, Doug Martin is back to 2012 Form. Watch out league.


Where the fuck have you been? I said it and made it clear he looked fucking broken in pre-season and he will be a 80% three down back. I had no concerns starting him in all 3 of my fantasy leagues for that reason alone.

Still gonna be rough to win this game and I don’t think we will but so far I am fucking proud.


No offense but I really paid no attention to any of your posts, and also preseason brokenness doesn’t always translate to Regular Season.


This has to be the worst display of kicking I’ve ever seen ever.


What the hell? Did Aguayo contact some voodoo lady and curse the Bucs or some shit?


If anyone says that Kicker is an unimportant position in the NFL, show them this game. It’s literally the difference between a tied game and a two score game.

Why I’m happy to have Elliott now. We have a kicker that’s a legitimate weapon.


Would’ve been funny if NE’s defense let Folk off the hook.

But as it stands, lol TB kickers.


Well Folk is going to be lucking for job tomorrow.


Minus 3/5 best defensive players and we held Brady to 19. Winston played great for most part with some early game woes but again he is just 23 and this great and he got Jackson involved but missed the wide open shot he had.

The fact we had a shot to somehow win this game leaving 9 points off the table is fucking amazing enough.

This is all on Folk PERIOD… Winston will be the amazing leader he is and blame himself but its 100% on Folk and NO ONE else.

Can’t wait to be at the game in 10 days… Got to get to over .500 and revenge our massacre loss to the Cards from a year ago.

Maybe YoungHoe or Carpenter? Really not sure what Kicker is even that great to go get but Folk has got to go.



Oh nah. Your Bucs are losing that game. They’ll be sure to score more than a measly 7 points but they are def losing.

Anyways good luck @Saitsu. It should be a good game.


Would have been amazing if the parts were 1-4 right now


got to give you props on the dougy analysis you dropped earlier in this thread, you were spot on, he looks good man.


Tampa Bay Kickers are cursed ever since they drafted Aguayo man lol.


I’m pissed and I ain’t even a bucs fan


I’m pissed…that we can’t get Sturgis off of the IR quick enough to get a Second from Tampa.


Bucs should trade the raiders lavonte david for Jano. lol


Isn’t Seabass on IR?




Late take, but that female reporter played the game well. She got her 15 minutes of fame…

And now she’s going to get non answers for the rest of her career. Because now EVERY team definitely knows who she is and is going to coach their players to steer clear or give non answers and to not engage her longer than necessary. Most are not going to publicly support Cam. Not in this current social climate. But they understood.

Cam should have just ignored the question and taken the fine, but he thought out loud with a mic in front of him, so he has to take the L for not being smarter and just given a suitable non answer that didn’t answer her question at all or redirected it to how the team is doing in practice or whatnot.