The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Late take, but that female reporter played the game well. She got her 15 minutes of fame…

And now she’s going to get non answers for the rest of her career. Because now EVERY team definitely knows who she is and is going to coach their players to steer clear or give non answers and to not engage her longer than necessary. Most are not going to publicly support Cam. Not in this current social climate. But they understood.

Cam should have just ignored the question and taken the fine, but he thought out loud with a mic in front of him, so he has to take the L for not being smarter and just given a suitable non answer that didn’t answer her question at all or redirected it to how the team is doing in practice or whatnot.


Cam did fuck up but I like how her racism is swept under the rug now too.


There is a real problem in New England this year. The Patriots didn’t beat the Buccs, the Buccs beat themselves with bad penalties and bad kicks. The Patriots might have been missing Gronk but they should have put up way more than 19 pts on that injured defence with what Tampa was giving them.


They could claim the kicker the Chargers just cut. He missed 3 field goals but one was blocked and the other two had poor blocking. It’s hard to succeed with the special teams unit of a team racing towards the number one pick.


Nick Folk has a mob debt.



4 Weeks eh?

Ahhh yessir, I’ve been given a WONDERFUL birthday gift for the 23rd.


So sensitive Cam himself issued an apology for those dumb ass comments. Yeah ight nigga, you probably one of those dudes that thinks its OK to talk to anyone any old kinda way then get mad when somebody pops u in the mouth for that dumb shit. Stop it


Not just an apology but an actually sincere apology.


Nothing sincere about that apology…He just did it so the rest of his sponsors dont bail. If he had nothing to lose, he wouldn’t have apologize.


I agree that he wouldn’t have bothered if there wasn’t backlash, but at the very least he sounded sincere. He could’ve easily just sent out a typical text “apology” but he at least went the extra mile.

I honestly think Cam isn’t a sexist, he’s just an idiot.


Shouldn’t that reporter be held to the same standard as Cam? ESPN failed to debate or discuss her past tweets. It’s just strange because she was playing the victim card really hard then bam. She issued an apology tweet about her past remarks. Couldn’t I say the same thing about her apology not being sincere? Maybe she should have made an apology video like Cam…I’ just saying


Naw he is a sexist and an idiot…Probably majority of the NFL players are like that or pretty much most male athletes in general but not all of them are dumb enough to say it out loud. When he is winning or losing, Cam has a hard time hiding how he is feeling. He is remorseful now because he just lost a lot of money & people think of him in a different light.


I dont think anybody gives a fuck about that reporter…With that said i dont think she needs to apologize nor does Cam. Most people which im including myself wont take his/her apology sincere. None of what these two said affects me in any anyway. They done enough damage to themselves & an apology wont do shit to erase that.


Yeah, I really don’t give a shit about these two idiots either. It’s just if your going to start a circus out of nothing then fail to hold both sides to the same standard. The shit is just noticeable. And people care enough about that reporter to make her a headline.


It was Cam vs a white woman…

That’s a 10-0 unwinnable match up.


This was all about getting her name out there, that is why she pushed the issue. She is trying to get famous for this.


So a black guy insults a racist white woman in a America where our own elected leader belittles woman on Twitter while in office and we are suppose to give a shit about this story?

So looks like Tampa is gonna keep Folk barring someone having a great tryout… Nugent is the best confirmed tryout option. So sad that the season even with Martin coming back will be won or lost by Nick Folk… FML and R.I.P season…


I disagree man. I think she was just offended. You gotta remember, it’s 2017, everyone gets super offended by everything these days. No one just let’s anything go.


I would tend to believe that if she didn’t try to do everything she could to make sure her racist comments didn’t get out. She is in it for gain.