The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Ditka was old and senile 10 years ago.


This season of football is crazy. Parity is running rampant. A quarter of the season has gone by and lets get some too early hot takes!





Well Kamara and Ingram will be happy. This is like a revival of the Deuce Bush duo a decade ago. Lets see how this affects the offense. We are 2-2. We could make a push for the playoffs if the defense stays how it is. I doubt the defense will hold but we will see what happens.


I’m actually really interested to see how the playoffs shake out this year. It’s going to be a bit of a meat grinder with the injury bug. I’ve got a feeling it will be like Atlanta last year or Carolina where at least one of the teams in the Superbowl wasn’t expected to come close. KC or Philly maybe.




It’s shitty but just for his little stunt that he pulled Jerry deserves all of this karma. Be even better if they dont make the playoffs either.


NFL Owners are going to have a meeting with Goddell where they want to institute a ban on Anthem protest, that is where the shitstorm will really start.


I hope we see forfeits as a form of player protest to Goodell and the owners.



Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie suspended indefinitely


It was bound to happen, viewership has been down for 2 years and the NFL hasn’t seen the increase in revenue that it had.


If they’re serious about protesting, then yeah, players are gonna have to be willing to sit out and cause forfeits.


Everyone talks tough until their own money is on the line.


That’s why the owners can make this play. Very few players will have enough balls to consciously give up game checks, and even less players are gonna allow other players to fuck that up for them.


Welp, already feeling the issues without Lane Johnson.


Amazing how everyone quit running a spy on Cam which has been proven he struggles against.


Usage of McCafferey makes it really hard to spy him now.


Yeah McCaffery has been great as a decoy. Philly has had some awful offensive playcalling, Blount has been working lets not use him, ineffective runs to the outside no safety valve on passes.


Yeah, it’s Carolina’s game free.