The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Everyone talks tough until their own money is on the line.


That’s why the owners can make this play. Very few players will have enough balls to consciously give up game checks, and even less players are gonna allow other players to fuck that up for them.


Welp, already feeling the issues without Lane Johnson.


Amazing how everyone quit running a spy on Cam which has been proven he struggles against.


Usage of McCafferey makes it really hard to spy him now.


Yeah McCaffery has been great as a decoy. Philly has had some awful offensive playcalling, Blount has been working lets not use him, ineffective runs to the outside no safety valve on passes.


Yeah, it’s Carolina’s game free.


That is why you use Blount, Philly likes to try to get fancy when they don’t need to.


I’ll say this, and I hate saying this sort of thing, but the refs are out for blood against Philly. I was fine with the PI, but the other penalties have been some shaky shit, and then Blount gets no-called after they called Unsportsmanlike Conduct on him for an extremely similar play.


Yeah, but y’all got a badass QB though.


That’s the damn truth.


Yeah that should have been a flag but the official didn’t look interested in throwing it.


Great game right now. Some ref calls notwithstanding, definitely feels more MNF than TNF which is fantastic. I hope LK is okay though for Carolina. I mean as much as I would enjoy playing against their D without him flying around out there, ultimately the goal of this game for both teams is testing each other and getting out of here with no injuries.


Mills is killing that Philly defense, no reason to even get that PI, the receiver had no shot at it.


Kuechly, 3 concussions in 3 years…he might have to consider hanging them up.


Honestly if I’m Carolina I don’t play him for at least 2-3 more games minimum.


They need to start playing McCaffery with those run plays. Stewart ain’t getting it done. Would help with my fantasy too.


When you go 6 rushes for -9 yards…I mean, at that point you need to at least TRY something different.


I don’t know how but I just gain more respect for Wentz every time I see him play. This kid has “Cero Miedo.”


Wentz has learned “Accurate Deep Pass”

The League is in trouble.