The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


They need to start playing McCaffery with those run plays. Stewart ain’t getting it done. Would help with my fantasy too.


When you go 6 rushes for -9 yards…I mean, at that point you need to at least TRY something different.


I don’t know how but I just gain more respect for Wentz every time I see him play. This kid has “Cero Miedo.”


Wentz has learned “Accurate Deep Pass”

The League is in trouble.


Eagles are a PROBLEM.


Reminder that Darby is out, Sidney Jones could still show up, and Lane Johnson is out for this game.


And Cam gives the game away probably.


It probably doesn’t hurt the Giants. They need to move on from Manning. It’s pretty simple, they’ve lost their receivers, might as well go for a top pick and take a QB.


IR would make sense for a regular player with concussion issues.

The Panthers D won’t function without LK though.


Philly fucked up you had 2nd and 3 with Carolina having no time outs and Wentz is late with the handoff instead of a playaction into a short slant.


We fucking escape when everything could go wrong.

We went into Carolina, no Lane Johnson, no Darby, an absurd amount of penalties, and we get out of there with the win and Sole Possession of Number 1 in the NFC.

Now, 11 Days until fucking Washington.


To think the Eagles are almost guaranteed to make the playoffs save from a complete chokejob.


its very rare a team has 3 turnovers and wins, eagles defense took advantage of some opportunities and got 3 picks, im glad, i started eagles defense in my keeper league


It’s also very rare that a team wins when the Penalty difference is 10/126 to 1/1 so it goes both ways on that.

EDIT: Also, “fun” fact, this was the Eagles’ first win in a game Pete Morelli officiated. They were 0-9 prior to this game. 0 AND FUCKING 9!


Eagles seem to have a really easy schedule this year…Looking at the remaining schedule seems like a cakewalk to get into the playoffs. Im still not convince they are a top 3 NFC team yet. I still got the the Seahawks, Faclons, & Packers ahead of them. No one seem to be really dominate though this year & seem like quite a few teams can win the superbowl.

Im rooting for them to beat the DEadskins so i can be $50 happier.


Considering last year’s schedule was absolute hell, I’m not gonna complain about getting a Last Place team’s schedule.


seahawks, i can give the benefit of the doubt to for being a top 3 nfc team, because i know they always show up in the 2nd half of the season even though that 0-line is horrible and that defense isnt as stout as they use to be. packers are obviously top 3 in the nfc, the best QB in the league will always have them a contender, but the falcons…i dunno brah, they won some questionable games and the game they beat us, we didnt have both our tackles and it was at their house, i have the eagles higher than the falcons, wentz is playing better than matt ryan. but its the NFC, who we think are good at the start can be different by the end of season, its always a close battle among the nfc potential playoff participants. and we cant forget about the rams either, if kupp had caught that ball.




What’s the back story? It’s hard to hear it


The dude and his girl were standing the entire time, blocking the view of the guys behind him. The older guy began to say something about it, which lead to them having words for awhile. Eventually the dude just started wailing on the older guy before leaving with his girl.