The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Stanton got hit harder & show more signs of pain then Wilson did. Did he get concus protocol? What about Fritz getting hit by Kam. It was a joke in the first place to even remove Wilson He showed no signs of being concuss. How many times have we seen qbs get sacked or hit but do they remove them in a pivotal drive? No the refs were trying to control the game as much as possible to keep the game close.

Im going to laugh my ass off if the Eagles going for a game winning drive & officials decides to remove Wentz to do “proper protocol” because he got hit. The NFL is just opening up a Pandora box to just give defensive players to gun QBs in the head all the time.

What they need to do is protect the integrity of the game by at least stopping play just like they do with injuries. Let them do the protocol evaluation & if he’s a no go then the player who did the hit should also either be thrown out or sit until the player can return. Wilson showed no signs before, during, or after his removal of the snap.


If we’re on a winning drive and Wentz has to leave the game during protocol, the only anger I have is that Wentz got potentially hurt. I’m MORE than willing to lose a game if it means I can guarantee his health.


dam rcaido has no heart, he thinks the players are just pawns on a playboard there to win for him. thats how careers get ended man, you got to be extra careful with hits like that.


Turns out he hates Russell Wilson more than the Cardinals and Packers combined.



Go watch flag football & WNBA then you pansies…Wilson did not show any signs of concuss right after the hit, when they took him out, or when he got right back in. You guys are trying to make it a bigger deal then it needs to be. Lets just take out every player everytime they get hit better yet lets just have the players do two hand touch for their health & saftey.


Well man, you better get on learning your backup QB’s name, because you’ll be seeing a lot more of it if Russ pulls this shit again.


Surprised Russ isn’t dead yet with that OLine honestly.

That’s a 70s Saints tier OLine.


Only fight Notre Dame put up tonight.



Can I fire Hue for the Browns? Please? Because that was just pathetic.


Breesus Christ is in rare form and Mark Ingram is playing like he Kamara coming for his job.


Oh shit. One of the Saints ST RBs may have just been paralyzed from a nasty hit he took in the game.


Adrian Peterson: I need more touches.
Saints: We don’t need a running game. We got Breesus!
Adrian Peterson: I see you. I’m out. Trade me.




If the Saints aren’t in eveeyones top 5 teams next week I am going to snap. They are playing like they want the Superbowl. Brees is playing great football and that 2 man attack in Kamara/Ingram is dominating. The defense is playing at an Elite level. I hope to god the NFC championship game is Eagles versus the Saints. That is gonna be a fun game to watch.


When I left the gym, the score of the MIN/WAS game was 21-17 and I had just watched Theilen score. When I got home 15 minutes later, it was 35-20.

Get rekt, Deadskins.


The Saints are the best team in the NFC.


And there are still salty old heads that won’t give them any props because “The defense hasn’t been exposed by good teams yet” which shows that they were under a rock during their first two games.


Why wasn’t Mariota in concuss protocol after his head hit the ground? Of course no one will care because its not the Hawks