The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football



It may have been discussed here before, so apologies - but my only issue with Bortles isn’t really with him, it’s with the NFL. This dude was HORRIBLE for years until maybe a month or 2 ago, yet his spot was rarely (if ever) in jeopardy. That just doesn’t happen for black QBs. Tyrod Taylor got benched for being the black version of Alex Smith (ie good, but not spectacular) and Bortles kept his job through some pretty horrific play. Again not his fault.

Sidenote: Tyrod’s replacement throwing 5 INTs in the first half was the icing on the cake of that entire situation.


He was horrible, but the whole team was horrible. Also his spot wasn’t in jeopardy simply because no one wanted to go to Jacksonville so there weren’t any decent replacements.

But really, if you want to start race talks now, go right ahead, we’ll do this shit all night.


please join in the celebration

Cleveland Browns Perfect Season parade


Also Bottles jobs was in jeopardy several times, they just either couldn’t sign guys or the people they put in were worse. Bortles was the projected backup this season.


They were in position to draft other QBs - they didn’t. Is Kizer going to get the same 3 year tryout Bortles did? Hell no. And the Browns as a franchise is the sorriest thing most of us has seen in team sports.

Tyrod’s point was valid - a black QB has to be amazing to keep his job, while white QBs who have proven they can’t get it done get every chance imaginable, then become backups. Let’s ignore Kap for now. Why wasn’t RG3 on a roster? Point is and I’m not going to debate it b/c it’s a fact - white QBs get a seemingly endless rope.


Although I agree with you, RG3 was and is a diva that was no longer worth the time. But that Tyrod situation was about as bad as it gets.


RG3 was really bad after his injury, arguably a bottom 5 qb


What about Wilson? I know he isn’t black enough to most people & even his teammates but he’s breaking all kinds of records but isn’t being recognize.

He broke pretty much all the records for his first 5 seasons.
Most 4th quarter back wins since he entered the league…
2nd QBR of all time

This season he was…

#1 in Total TDs (37)
#1 in Passing TDs (34)
#2 in Total Yards (4,569 combined passing and rushing yards, 40 yards less than Tom Brady)
#1 Highest Percentage of Team’s TDs and Yards in NFL History
#1 Most 4th Quarter TD Passes in NFL History

Yet when people talk about him they say does a lot for the team but doesn’t have the stats to be mvp???Hell people still think he’s a game manager.

Then you have whiteboy Andrew Luck who hasn’t done shit & probably might not play again is one of the greatest young QB out.


Okay, for RG3, with his attitude plus his penchant for getting hurt every two seconds, of course he isn’t ending up on a squad.

And white QBs get an endless rope? In the same year we saw two time Super Bowl Champion Eli Manning get benched for Geno fucking Smith? The same one where Alex Smith, despite having one of the best years of his career, short of a Super Bowl win, will be getting shipped out of Kansas City in favor of Patrick Mahomes? Tom Savage got benched in a half in favor of the heir apparent Deshaun Watson (people will claim Savage getting the start to begin with was proof of racism, but Watson has never practiced particularly well).

Of course we’ll have more proof of white QBs getting more chances than Black QBs simply because of sample size and the fact that we’ve only had so many truly good black QBs. What happened to Tyrod was complete bullshit, I agree but it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness where guys are falling back on race. I won’t dispute that it can be an uphill climb since NFL Ownership is definitely a “Good Ole Boys” club but in the end, players play. Simple as that. Peterson was terrible, Tyrod came back in, Buffalo’s in the playoffs.

Whether you’re white or black, you want to make sure you’re not benched? You play with leadership, you play well, and you leave little to no doubt. Making it about race takes responsibility away from the players.

Also Kizer isn’t going to get the 3 year try out because NO QB gets a 3 year tryout with him. But because Kizer’s black, now race is a problem. Name one Browns QB in the last decade to start for the team 3 years straight. You can’t. Hell the last Browns QB to do it was who, Tim Couch? And he’s probably STILL the best QB they’ve had on that squad since the reboot whose career was ruined by having expansion talent around him. Fucking Brady Quinn, who basically BEGGED to be drafted by Cleveland, couldn’t last 3.


While we are on the race thing I can’t wait for story-line number one this offseason and that is Eric Reid.

See you can try and say Kaep sucked but no way ANYONE can said Reid sucks(top 10 safety) and if he isn’t on a roster come week 1 and had many suitors well I think it will be clear Kaep was blackballed.

At least Reid made it clear he knows he might find it hard to get a job.


I’m not saying black QBs who do well aren’t recognized, I’m saying to be recognized playing well isn’t enough. Russell Wilson is recognized because he’s SPECTACULAR. He can’t be denied. My point was that guys like Alex Smith are praised, but his black equivalent, Tyrod, gets nothing but criticism.

I told you I’m not debating it. It’s a fact and you look stupid trying to say otherwise. The end.


You can’t say something is a fact while providing no evidence then dismissing people who at least have some evidence without debating it, it doesn’t make you look more intelligent it makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about even if you maybe right.


Im saying he’s not being recognize enough. If a white qb was producing what Wilson is doing right now, they would be gushing all over him like Luck, Carr, Wentz, Stafford, Turdbisky…


CJ Spiller is a legend with the Chiefs. Signed for the fifth time this season.


Wilson is a future HoFer, but man…get off his nuts. Anyone that knows anything about the sport gives him his due. Stop getting trolled by comments under articles, lol.


Marvin Le

It’s really strange why RG3 isn’t a backup, especially considering how he is now compared to who he was. He was on first take not too long ago. and did a really good interview. I was actually impressed that he admitted to some of his mistakes.


Because he’s not JAY “19 TDS-14 INTS” CUTLER

Seriously, it’s because RG III sucks now…

…but he sucks less than Cutler, so you still have a point.


Then as far as I’m concerned, I’m done entertaining a single one of your posts. I don’t want to see you responding to any of my shit. If you don’t have the balls to defend your own stance, you’re not worthy mine or anyone else’s time.


One thing I hate with what they do to black qbs is when scouts can only compare them to another black qb. Every black QB who is supposed to be a bust is considered Jamarcus like come on man. Or how every black qb prospect is too unintelligent to play the position