The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


the talk of the town is he might be getting tought by bill, and he might have a chance to supplant bill if bill ever leaves. i honestly cant see why else he would stay.


If it’s not a guarantee it’s dumb because no one will take him after this. He might as well retire.


So now Frank Reich is the favorite to be the Colts HC.



Frank is the coach


Yep officially accepted it.


Reuben Foster got arrested again. Niners have the most arrests since 2012


I really really wanna see Johnny Manziel make it back in the NFL. He seems to have finally gotten his head out of his ass and he’s ready to work. I love redemption stories like this so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.




Waiting for the Browns to announce the signing of McCarron…


For $150 Million as Hue orgasms all over the contract while dumping more shit on Kizer.


It would be a mistake. If a QB has been kept on the bench by Dalton they’re not worth a big deal. It would be exactly the same as Glennon or Osweiler.


The Browns are better off using their draft picks on other positions and get a quarterback in the mid or later rounds.

But it’s the Browns. They’ll draft a quarterback early and dump him after 2-3 seasons.


The Browns would be best making a serious push for Cousins or Foles because they have shown a complete inability to develop a QB.

If I was in charge of the Browns I’d trade 1 overall to the Jets who also need a QB. Go into free agency for a QB and take a blue-chip player at 4.


Speaking of the Browns…


Nah, the Browns will announce that they signed McCarron. He’ll pull a McDaniels and back out of the deal and sign elsewhere.


If the Browns want to truly Brown, they’ll announce they’ve signed him and then we find out they didn’t file the paperwork in time, then he signs somewhere else.


yup or they will misplace the paperwork or some oddball dumb shit lol.


Well the Jets seem like the guaranteed Cousins Sweepstakes winner if they really are willing to give him a Fully Guaranteed Contract. Would set a great precedent so I hope it happens.


i was hoping josh mccown got another crack at it, he played well last season