The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


I still remember when he first hit the market and people were speculating him going to Houston that was main concern Kubiaks system would hold Peyton’s style down. Sure enough I was proven right later on.


Da Bears !!!


Kubiak’s system is made for an athletic quarterback with a big arm. It worked great with Elway. A current player who’d thrive under it is Russell​ Wilson.


Another season of Bears fucking up woooo


Oh I know I’m just saying that even if by that off chance Houston would have somehow gotten Manning, Kubiak would have fucked it all up because his system has to be ran with little wiggle room.


Go Ravens

We had a decent draft, but offensively we need weapons. No matter how good our defense gets, we can’t move the ball without some damn weapons. Steelers have so many offensive threats yo, and we need to match that.


Let’s go Steelers!

Also salt.


Honestly Manning >Kubiak. Should have chased him harder and got a new coach.


The bucs signed Ryan Fitzpatrick

I give it to week 3 when Fitzy starts again


Week 12, he gets himself another Long Term Deal.


That would indicate Winston got hurt so at that moment I know the season is a lost cause anyway. We needed a Vet backup and while I would of rather of had Kaep personally, I don’t mind Fitzpatrick.

Welcome to Tampa Fitz Magic.


We know. It’ll happen.

Fitz being your backup is a curse. The starter always gets hurt, and Fitz always gets his contract.





This issue with OT has always been one team may never see the ball, not the length

God damnit Goodell


Player safety is their reason, which makes it even more stupid because from what I heard, doing this would eliminate around 0.06% of the plays run during the season, since so so very very few times an OT game makes it 10 minutes.



You can only celebrate in ways we find acceptable! I get its a business and they worry about the image, but fuck old people they will watch anyway. They need to get the young generation and I think celebrations help that. They sure as hell allow more storylines which is only good. They take this game way too seriously.


I don’t know why the NFL doesn’t use the Arena League’s OT system. Both teams get the ball no matter what, then it’s sudden death.

As for celebrations, part of me enjoys them and another part remembers how silly Joe Horn having a cell phone under the goal post was.


They should use soccer rules. Just let a draw be a draw unless it’s a finals game. The current OT Rules would be fine then just don’t bother with OT in regular season. If they were to change anything about current OT rules both teams should get at least one series on offence.


Wonder what caused this.