The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football



This issue with OT has always been one team may never see the ball, not the length

God damnit Goodell


Player safety is their reason, which makes it even more stupid because from what I heard, doing this would eliminate around 0.06% of the plays run during the season, since so so very very few times an OT game makes it 10 minutes.



You can only celebrate in ways we find acceptable! I get its a business and they worry about the image, but fuck old people they will watch anyway. They need to get the young generation and I think celebrations help that. They sure as hell allow more storylines which is only good. They take this game way too seriously.


I don’t know why the NFL doesn’t use the Arena League’s OT system. Both teams get the ball no matter what, then it’s sudden death.

As for celebrations, part of me enjoys them and another part remembers how silly Joe Horn having a cell phone under the goal post was.


They should use soccer rules. Just let a draw be a draw unless it’s a finals game. The current OT Rules would be fine then just don’t bother with OT in regular season. If they were to change anything about current OT rules both teams should get at least one series on offence.


Wonder what caused this.


Last I remember defensive players get paid, first team to score in OT should win.


I always thought letting the other team match was a good idea.

Basically if team 1 scores fg then team 2 scor

Stadium isnt ready


Well to be more specific it won’t be ready in time. Ah well.



Truth be told, I think it’s a bad idea in general. I mean, what are the legitimate chances that the ones who wouldn’t have made the 75 originally, would make the 53?

It just makes it tougher to find time in the end of the Preseason for all these guys for actual evaluation and the ones who would’ve been cut would’ve at least found another team to try for.


Megatron was at Raiders OTA’s. Giving pointers out there


David Quessenbery was back at Texans practice. If you haven’t heard of him it’s because he spent the last three years fighting cancer. No guarantee to make any roster but still great he’s back on the field.


he’s finally cancer free? Good stuff to him


Stadium probably isn’t ready. The NFL also has a policy that requires the stadium to be up and running for an entire season before being eligible for a Super Bowl bid.

Florida will have two Super Bowls back-to-back with the Super Bowl LV move from LA to Tampa.



Yeah man, he actually broke the bell. Big dude, even sick.


Megatron said he only retired because of how poorly Lions management treated him.


I always felt he did the same thing Sanders did.


Glad to see my broncos making smooth progress on the offense, hopefully we have a superbowl in our near future.


He about to put a little salsa on that Chicago style hot dog. :lol: