The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


He’s not scoring any tds. He’s lost whatever quickness he had. It was painful to watch last season


He made a career feeding off the awful Cowboys secondary. He looked like a middle of the pack 3rd WR last year. A decent gamble and low risk so why not.


Redskins secondary was worse than Cowboys.


Just saw this but California was hit with rain pretty bad this year. Hadn’t rained like that in 15 ish years. The rain fucked up the construction spot and delayed everything by a year so they won’t start building until next year i believe. For a site to host a super bowl the stadium has to have been open for at least two years and with the delay it will be only open for one year


Obviously this means God is angry at the Rams and Chargers. May they both be smote in the standings for many seasons.


Rams wont be good. Chargers might be okay but their division is brutal right now.


This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying in the voice of the Eagles’ secondary:

Hold my beer.


Why are we arguing who has the worst secondary? They’re all bad. :coffee:


No unit in the league is worse than Jaguars special teams


So Kaep may get signed by the Seahawks. I’m fine with it. Good for him.

Even better for him since he won’t be the one that has to stand behind that Hawks O-line.


His TD/INT ratio is still really good at his completion percentage isn’t as terrible as people act. Like he’s good enough to start somewhere so having him as a backup is a steal.


if i recall they signed him to a 3 yr deal?


Wouldn’t be the dumbest thing to do given that if a guy like Cam or Dak gets lost for the season they’d do a trade like Bradford for him. That or they’re just planning on Russel dying behind that Oline.





Well damn ESPN doing the layoffs thing again. espn.html


Man they must really be up shit creek financially.


Sucks that they released Clayton after this great commercial…


Injured by falling on a football.

Browns stay cursed.


Maclin’s going to be a steal for a team that can get the ball downfield to him.