The 2017-2018 NFL Thread: Divisional Playoff Round. The best weekend of football


Redskins are going to suck this year because the front office are a bunch of faggots.


Dont compliment the front office like that


I’m just keeping it real man. You see, I’m using reverse psychology. If I plan on them sucking, then perhaps we might win the Superbowl. I’m trying something new this year. Fuck hope. Fuck off-season hype. The Redskins are trash and they should lose every game this season.


At least Cutler isn’t there.



Should work well for the Eagles. He’s 30 though with 300 touches last year so who knows what he has left


I need to see Blount punch an opposing player one more time before he retires.


Preferably a Cowboy.


Or Tom Brady!! :lol:


He doesn’t need to have much, he’s still a better alternative than One T.

The Philadelphia Mercenaries should be fun to watch this year.


time for the madden curse to hit brady


How about just his age? He would defy history to play at the best level this year.

Look Manning looked like a god one year and the next he got old.

Brady may be in top-notch shape but he is going to be 40.

I just hope he goes out peacefully if it happens and doesn’t do what Manning did and force himself on a team, he won the SB but lets be real he was pure fucking ASS.


Peyton also blew out his tricep and had no strength is his throwing arm that last year.


Peyton’s neck issues were always a ticking time bomb, Brady doesn’t have something that damaging pressing on his career. Peyton literally couldn’t feel his fingertips and such by his last year.


Well Giselle said that Brady had a concussion last season even though it never showed up on the injury report.


I still argue that his biggest problem was being forced to play Gary Kubiak’s system.


what kind of wife throws her man under the bus like that? lol


Da Raiduhhs


Concussion was probably from Brady hitting his head while banging his hot wife.


Well she wants him to retire. Maybe she’s trying to get him suspended again