The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Oh I thought Redskins were 2-3. NFC is total trash this year anyways lol


Not really. In the AFC you have the Chiefs, Chargers, Bengals and maybe the Pats or Jags for top teams in the conference. In the NFC you have the Rams, Saints, Panthers and then maybe the Bears for top teams in the conference. All the other teams we don’t really know what to make of them unless they’re the Cardinals, Raiders, Colts or Giants who universally suck.


The browns are fun to watch again. they might have found their quarterback/squad finally who plays to win and they they dont beat themselves


Someone else said it best. The Giants drafting Saquon was like a cancer patient spending the last of their funds on a Ferrari rather than chemo.


Saquon Barkley is the NYG

I cannot defend Eli anymore. Hes really fucking bad this year. The oline is weak but we got a stud at LG.

Tank for the future. End this misery quickly


The NY Giants are having the same problem the Cowboys had near the end of Tony Romo’s prime. The Cowboys lacked a backup and franchise replacement until they got lucky with Dak Prescott. The Giants have all this talent on the team but have a quarterback that’s on a huge decline. They don’t have a long term “plan b” in the quarterback position.


T.J. Watt was fined $20k for “roughing the passer” on this play:


This was also roughing the passer:


That was some soccer flop shit.


The giants have way too much talent to be this bad. They have a top 3 wr and what is looking like to be a possible top 3 rb as well. The defense is stacked as well on the dline and secondary. The oline needs another year to mesh and a new RT. This was a make or break year with eli and it’s totally backfiring hard. I’ve tried to defend him this year but I cant anymore. He’s played significantly worse in recent years and just doesnt throw down field anymore. He sees ghosts now. This was a qb with fantastic pocket presence as well. Just tank and draft your next QB. That’s the piece the team needs and there’s no reason to waste 2 all generation talents like they are now


The Cowboys got lucky with Dak? He is the most overrated QB we have seen in years. Guy lucked out year one with the best o-line the league ever saw and a has a top 5 RB who can run and just enough around him(WItten/Bryant). He is playing average at best and looks like the 4th rounder he was. Best part is Jerry Jones is so stubborn and thinks he is a know it all he will keep Dak on the roster for 10 years and let him be the equivalency of Eli to the Giants.

Look I get Kaepernick is all but done and talk of him getting on a team is getting old AF but NY has the setup to make him shine. He can play behind a crappy line and would make everyone better around him. If NY really cared they would go get the best QB not currently on a roster. Jesus you think for the jersey sales alone they would do it and its fucking NY.


Kaepernick would need to sit on the bench for the rest of the season and get his body ready to take hits after being out for two years. I remember Ricky Williams coming back for the Dolphins after being out for a year and change and immediately getting hurt after two carries.

With the speed of the game, if your body isn’t acclimated to taking hits, it will only take one or two good ones from an unblocked linebacker to end your shit.


Do people forget how terrible kaep was in his final years? Eli now is playing better than kaep was then


The entire 49ers front office wanted the team to tank, wanted Jim Harbaugh gone, Colin Kaepernick gone, and every player that reminded them of Harbaugh’s days as a 49ers head coach gone. Ever see the movie Major League where the team owner did everything she could to make sure the team was awful? That was the 49ers front office doing. They did everything in their power to run Harbaugh out of town. As a replacement for Harbaugh, they hired Jim Tomsula (no prior head coaching experience - he was previously a defensive line coach with no play calling experience) and Chip Kelly (he bombed as Eagles head coach and thought he could run his system in the NFL where rosters are limited unlike college). The 49ers front office with Trent Baalke was a mess until they dumped him got John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan. Jed York decided to back Baalke instead of Harbaugh and that’s where he fucked up. Baalke refused to make any significant moves in free agency during those finals years Harbaugh stayed with the team. Kaepernick played with a barebones team.


@Gimpy So far so good. Much better than Monday Night. I work in Charlotte. If this keeps up and I have stopped posting, my co-workers got me fam. :rofl:


If Tampa does not fire Mike Smith after this week I am done till they do. Its been 3 years of SHITTY defense.

McCoy, JPP, Curry, David, Alexander, Grimes, Evans… Half the fucking defense is above average and most other teams with that core would be great.

If Koetter wants to be coach next year you better remove Smith now.



I may not be a Skins fan anymore, but it sure is nice to see them put a beatdown on Cam Newton.


Seriously this offensive line for the Texans is trying to make Watson into the new David Carr with their shitty pass blocking.

Edit: Clowney just snatched another man’s dreads out.


Amendola should just be lucky that he got the Nakamura version and not the Road Dogg version.


The end of that Bucs-Falcons game was crazy. If Desean caught that ball, the Bucs would’ve won. You know that he’s kicking himself right now.