The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Please Tampa just tank the season… This defense coudln’t stop the 8 year old Phoenix Teddies last ranked Pop-Warner offense.

Seriously Cam and the Panthers literally are just playing with the food.

Such a waste of this top 3 offense. Yes injuries are in abundance on defense but still this is disgusting. I could throw for 400 yards and 4 TD against this shit.

Please TANK!!!


Fuck this bullshit ass game!!!


Don’t worry homie, Smith going to throw for 400 yards and 3 TD and AP going to go for 200 yards next week.

You’ll be 6-3 in no time.


I don’t ever like to say someone should lose their job unless they are bad at it or potentially a horrible person.

Nathan Peterman isn’t potentially a horrible person but he is horrible at his job. Given their injury history the Bills should keep him for the season but after that if he ever gets another QB job in the NFL that should be evidence for Kaepernick collusion case.


Da Bears…

Rams looking quite sheepish right now.


1 VS 0

0 VS 1


Denver should have won that game … but Houston will accept this gift.


11/29 = Saints vs. Cowboys (Thursday game)




Damn… that would be a shitty way for this season to end for Dez. Not even being able to get to play a down and you get injured.


This will likely be a career altering or career ending injury for Dez. It all depends on how he recovers from this injury. A l ot of wide receivers ended up not being the same after a Achilles injury.

“From 2011 to 2015, 46 NFL players reported they had torn an achilles tendon; 24 of them never played again professionally or retired shortly after.”


Not a fan of Dez at all but even I feel for him on this one. Dude played the situation correctly, I was wrong. Thought he should have hopped on that Ravens contract. His patience netted him a deal with a Super Bowl contender. For it to go down like this…damn man.


As a Redskins fan and Cowgirls life long hater, I’ve always liked Dez. I like the passion that he plays with even though sometimes it seems like he is crying about shit. But it’s because he’s fired up and wants to win and wants the damn ball. I wish I saw Redskins pissed off like that on the sidelines when they are shitting the bed (which is most of the time) but I don’t and that shit bothers me.

To see him go out like this sucks for him, I definitely feel for the dude.


Next week:




Fitzpatrick threw a forward pass way across the line of scrimmage.


If Tampa wins this shit fest then I am sorry Skins fans. They are doing everything to not even try to win for ya.


Morgan Moses got called for holding for swatting a bamma out the way? Fuck these refs!


Tampa gonna Tampa.

Summarizes these franchises the last 10 years.

One does everything in its power to lose and disappoint its fans and one will go 9-7 backdoor into the playoffs somehow despite looking like crap and its fan base will act like they were gods when they go one and done.


Damn the Patriots got their shit pushed in by Mariota and the Titans.


Jags just got screwed by the refs smh