The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


DA BEARS for the win !!! :muscle:

They need to cut Parkey’s ass from the team, 4 missed FG’s in the game is pitiful and its things like that can cause you to miss a playoff spot let alone advance in the playoffs if the game cam down a winning FG.


Plus they consistently call ticky tack holding calls on our offense whenever there is a big play at least blatant holding slide when the opposing offense does it to us.


Tampa had 501 yards and scored just three points? :thinking:


Every time it looked like they score, the Redskins got a turnover. 2 pics and 2 fumbles.


Like I said both teams just showcased the last decade today…

Seriously Tampa did every last possible thing to lose today, I want to read first thing tomorrow how Koetter has been fired. He took over play calling duties 2nd half which was just desperation but per his press conference he “had his reasons”.

The Browns have been a mask to how bad Tampa has been for 11 years now. They are on the up and up and should move on to the future rank.

I really don’t know what team other than maybe Oakland I would rank worse than Tampa right now, maybe Buffalo? These are teams consistent on being just as SHITTY for just as long. Look I am numb to it, I didn’t become a fan because I expect wins(not a bandwagoner clearly), they were a pretty shade of orange and terrible and in the 26 years Ive repped them 25 have been shit tier and ONE was a SB win.

Maybe its time for people to just accept Tampa is now the new Cleveland which held that torch for too long.


I just heard someone say “FUCK NIGGA” during this Rams - Seahawks game. LMAO!


That won’t make the NFL Network rebroadcast :rofl:


I honestly thought I was tripping when I heard that. :joy:


I’m guessing Jordy Nelson will retire soon? He got injured in a meaningless season. I’m sure he was thinking Super Bowl when he joined the Raiders. The Gruden Raiders have been a shit show where veteran careers go to waste.


Yet Ryan Kerrigan has his necked wrapped by the offensive line like 10x a game and nothing gets called…

I watched the game on DVR at 10pm last night because I was in SCUBA classes all day and it was kind of neat watching a full game in an hour. But damn does it also show me how bad the Redskins offense is lol. Seeing it without the breaks between plays that shit is so anemic.

Alex Smith flat out sucks for the most part. He picked it up in the 2nd half but his first half, wow. Just so bad. And in the second half he had so many missed opportunities and bad throws that the receivers bailed him out on. After he missed Davis on that wide open bomb I thought the Skins were 100% going to lose that game, because that is just what they do.

But thank god the defense came to play. The only number that I care about is the score, and regardless of the 501 yards they let in, they held a team that was scoring like 28pts a game to 3 points. That is impressive. And the turnovers were unreal too. That play by Ryan Anderson is one of my all time favorite plays this year. That dude went from rushing the passer to causing a game changing fumble like 20 yards down field, from behind. Props to Kerrigan’s fumble and recovery in the redzone too, that was so critical.

Oh and to top it all off, once I finished the Redskins game I turn on SNF and see the Eagles down 7 and 5 minutes later then turn it over on 4th. So the Cowboys helped us out too and now we’re 2 games up. I didn’t look at any football scores or anything all day because I didn’t want to accidentally see the Redskins score before I could watch it, so I was surprised to see quite a few scores last night lol.

We all know the Redskins won’t do jack shit in the playoffs, but shit, if they can make it, I’ll take it. It’s always more fun to have more games a year than not!


The Skins are already in the playoffs. Even if they have a collapse, no one in the NFC East is good enough to overcome the two game lead they already have.


You are clearly underestimating the Redskins.

I still remember to this day in 2008 when they started 6-2 and ended up 8-8 and missed the playoffs. This is the Redskins we’re talking about here.


You’re overestimating the rest of the division. They could do that again this year and still win the division.


Either way, the NFCE is going to be out of the picture after wildcard weekend.


Rams might be in trouble. Cooper Kupp tore his ACL and is out for the remainder of the season. He was a very important contributor to their current record.


2018 Shit talker extraordinarie already hinting at leaving


Somehow Jalen’s gonna end up with the Rams. Him and MP will be the trashtalk tag team champs.

Chiefs-Rams game should have been moved to Orlando, Hawaii, or Vegas because it’s basically an all-star game that Eric Fisher is somehow involved in


Jalen can’t say a single fucking thing. Dude was literally going rogue during plays. How the fuck you gonna be a top level CB and willingly ignore the play call?


as of this post:

14 - 16


Seahawks beat the Packers…Packers season pretty much done.