The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


McCarthy for new Browns head coach…and I don’t even blame him for the loss.


Uh huh…look at how many times Aaron Jones touched the ball in the Second Half when they had the lead for most of it, and then tell me he’s not to blame.

EDIT: Or how about 4th and 2 when down by 3 with 4 minutes to go. Let Godgers do his thing or fuck, even Jones? Nah, punt, what’s the worst that can happen? Oh…


McCarthy and the Packers’ front office has wasted almost a decade of Aaron Rodgers career with his questionable coaching and lack of decision-making on acquiring talent during the off-season and regular season.


Yeah, the man has talent and skills but they just let it waste like a piece of food in the refrigeration instead of cooking it. Still looks nice but it isn’t edible as it is now. They need someone willing to cook instead of just watching it rot slowly in the fridge. McCarthy needs to go, although I have no idea who can replace him, there has to be some young Assistant or coordinator that has promise.


The front office has done an abysmal job in surroudning Rodgers with the talent needed to win another Super Bowl. The front office and McCarthy having a lack of communication with Rodgers in regards to the quarterback coach debacle during the off-season is a huge indicator of dysfunction and a lack of unity in an organization among the higher ups.


While I’m not disagreeing that Rodgers could use some help, he left multiple plays out on the field last night. He missed some wide open guys on some critical 3rd downs to end their drives. Had he made the easy pass the game could have ended up with a different outcome.


42 VS 23

27 VS 24


FOX is pulling a Trump today spewing that Fake News. Jimmy Johnson said that the Cowboys control their division. It’s factually incorrect. They are 2 back on the Redskins and only play them one more time. And damn they HYPED up the Cowboys for getting to 4-5 prior to that.


Houston got a true test today!!


Shit both starting offensive guards are out for Houston. Not a great look.


And interception!!!
SMH Injuries is 10-0 match-up against Houston.


Houston’s Defense!!



Condoleezza Rice’s football background:

  • Browns fan
  • Watched Browns games with her father
  • Appeared in NFL advertisements wearing Browns apparel
  • Member of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee (LOL COLLEGE FOOTBALL)


Half this thread on suicide watch when Alex Smith done broke his ankle.


I’m on suicide watch with all these injuries to the Texans’ front line and their inability to get a damn TD in the red zone.


Had to google what the record for worst turnover differential for a season is. Its -28.

Tampa is now at -24. This might actually happen.

Cmon guys lets MAKE HISTORY!!! WIth Winston likely to be named starter again and a defense unable to stop anything it might even reach -30!


Suicide watch averted for Texans fans!!

That’s 7 in a row for Houston.


You were saying?


That Fitzpatrick with Job Security is horrible and I was 100% wrong. He found a way to be so bad that the Bucs are willing to risk having to pay a ton of guaranteed money.


Funny part is they already picked up his 5th year option so they really aren’t risking anything in terms of money. They only have to worry about him getting hurt.