The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Well that and if Winston can ever remove his turnovers or at the very least tone them down he would be a truly elite QB?

Tampa knows if they let him go another team will grab him, pay him and lock him down within 24 hours. You got 7 games to win over the fans really or the new regime might have to move on because a overhaul is coming for sure. Given this is a top 3 offense I would look for a elite defensive coach. Bring in either Harbaugh.

Also Winston has NEVER had a running game to help him.


If they thought he could develop they never would’ve benched him no matter how bad he played. There’d be no point, they aren’t going anywhere this season anyway.

At this point it’s just a matter of which QB sucks the least so they can evaluate the non-obvious talent they have on offense.

But again, I will quite emphatically admit I was 100% wrong.


Sadly I agree… personally I am tired of making excuses. Winston is a good QB and if they get a real GM and our version of Pederson/McVay or someone who can do the fucking job well then he could be great. Lets just say I won’t being getting my hopes up. On to 2019 and the #1 overall pick we will fuck up!

Seriously just go back to April and Tampa trading the 7th pick(correct move) and pass on Derwin James to have him fall to 13 and Tampa still declines to take him for a position they brought in via FA. That mother fucker has been lights out good.


Anything and everything Raiders is on suicide watch

Jon Gruden can’t wait to trade Carr and his huge contract:

Someone did a Latrell Spreewell on Gruden:


It is much harder to coach a winning to team then to compliment it.


Just got back from the Lions/Panthers game live. You know, going to Ford Field is a pretty dope experience, and add the fact that a Lions win means free shots and apps at a pretty big number of dive bars and restaurants downtown make for a good ass Sunday. In other news: I’m mad as hell at the Eagles for fucking up a division that was free as fuck. Now the REDSKINS are in first place and there is a possibility of the goddamned Cowboys making the Wild Card. Like the Phillies and the Flyers, you had one job, Philly. ONE.

Speaking of the Cowboys, Falcons fans, ya’ll know what time it is:


It’s time for…



Let’s go Bears and get that win…….BEAR DOWN !!!




Cool to see the Bears make their statement to the rest of the NFL and that statement is SUCK IT !!!


It’s crazy that Alex got the same injury as Theismann on the same day 11/18. It’s also eerie that Romeo Crennel was an assistant at both games. WTF man.


Yeah that’s crazy. I’m hearing other Skins fans want us to sign Kaepernick. I’m not really against it but he’s super rusty at this point. It would be hilarious to see the reactions if the Redskins did sign him.


I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Have you seen the names they are kicking around? Mark Sanchez, Josh Johnson, nah son. Plus it would be nice to see Trump’s head explode like when Chapelle pulled off his hood in the Clayton Bigsby sketch :rofl:


There is no one else that I’d rather have starting for the Redskins right now than Colt McCoy. If he goes down, we’re royally fucked.

Anyone who wants us to sign Kaepernick probably also wanted us to start Colt Brennan. Whoever the Redskins sign is going to be the backup regardless.


Who says anything about starting? We have one QB on our roster. We need a back up man.


Yeah but who really cares about who backs up McCoy. If he goes down it doesn’t even matter. No one is going to come in and lead us anywhere.


Tony Romo


Why would we get Jeff Corwin as a back up?



I didn’t even know he was still looking to play anymore…