The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


The Redskins chose the man behind the butt fumble over Kaepernick who took a team to the Super Bowl.

Best of luck to the Redskins for the remainder of the season. I hope Alex Smith fully recovers from this injury. He’s a really good quarterback too. :disappointed_relieved:


Not fan of Mark Sanchez, but when you need a back up QB, have three day turnaround (two days of walk through’s), i.e. no real practice. Signing the guy that played for your OC, QB coach, and the opposing team before makes sense.


It was well known that the three main owners who hated the kneeling was Jones, McNair and Snyder, so why would he bring the guy who began this to his organization.


They wouldn’t. The NFL just wants to help Kaepernick build his collusion case apparently. Between this and the clear singling out Eric Reid. They couldn’t be more blatant.


I miss defense. WTF man, is this Arena Football. The Big 10? A NCAA Women’s Basketball game?


This is probably the worst game ever for defensive coordinators. The offenses are so good. In the end defense was the biggest factor but you know you fucked up hard as a defensive coordinator if you give up that much points in the NFL. Both teams may have to take more than a week to disect what went wrong defensively.

The “all-star” officiating crew also fucked up a lot tonight.


Oh I know it’s just I don’t understand why people bring up Kap in this situation knowing full well the Skins were never going to look at him as an option.


Werent there close to 40 pts from defensive tds/turnovers?


I know there were 70 points off of Passing TDs.


Bonkers game enjoyable but I hope it is a while before we ever see anything like that again. I can’t tell if the offenses were that good, the defensive units were that bad or what really brought that about.


I agree, it was a fun game to watch but I would not want to watch that kind of football every weekend.



Odd question to those of you who do fantasy… I have come into a odd spot where I think for the long term its best to bench my roster this week and let my opponent win who has a legit godlike kind of team(he could win anyways but not worth risking)…

Essentially its a 10 team league where 6 teams get into playoffs and the 1-2 seeds get byes… I right now am the 1 seed, if I lose I will be the 2 seed which is what I want and already locked in my round 1 bye so I am playing for nothing till Semi’s… The 2 best teams are the other guy who will be 1 and the guy I am playing this week. Seriously they have elite elite rosters and mine is just above average. I want to let the guy I am playing who despite being number one scorer is currently sitting at the 6 seed win because he has no way to be the 3 seed so If I can push him into the 4/5 I can fade him if he wins the round 1 of the playoffs and thus forcing the 2 great teams to play in semi-finals and I get a easier route to the championship with a subpar opponent.

If someone did this in one of your leagues would you find it ok and acceptable and go with the whatever it takes to win? or would this piss you off that I am essentially letting someone win and ensuring him a playoff spot?


That shouldn’t be a problem. Just dont make it too obvious that you’re tanking the week. You should know how serious some people take fantasy.




@Gimpy So what’s the plan when AP’s dumbass mouth gets him suspended again? Because he just admitted he still beats his son.


That was stupid. You can’t say that these days


Shoutouts to my work fantasy league for letting Gronk clear waivers


What kind of scrub league is that? Sounds like free money…

A) Who lets Gronk go when TE is the biggest Wasteland this season…
B) How does Gronk who yes has been lackluster but still a TE with the highest possible upside clear the first or second waiver spot…


That was my thought. He’s missed half the season due to nagging injuries, but he still warrants at least a spot on the bench. If he’s active he’s going to get you at least 10 points, especially if he’s trying to get ready for the playoff run.