The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?



I expect Fox to spend a good 3 min talking about that today. It will go the Skins brought in Sanchez and his first game back on the 6th year anniversary of the butt fumble…


Can’t be worse then my work league. Ten people and somehow they let me get Brees, Kamara and Michael Thomas.


There’s no chance that FOX will spend more than 30 seconds talking about the Redskins. They will dedicate 99.9% of their time talking about the Cowboys, like they always do, regardless of their record.


Thats beleiveable as Kamara would be first round, Thomas 2nd round and Brees 4th round with someone like Mike Evans in the 3rd round.

I assume your X-2 or X-1.

One guy in my league has Gurley, Mahomes, Big Ben, McCaffery, K Johnson, Evans and a shit tons of elite IDP… and another Ryan, Watson, Conner, Kamara, Mack, Julio Jones, Golliday, Olsen and again elite IDP. (2 QB League as well)

I have a team with one elite player on offense and an all tier 2 roster with weekly upside but my high floor has allowed me to go 9-2.
Rivers/Luck…just lost Fitz and Winston was claimed :(…
Cook/Hunt/Pederson/Thompson(max 4)
JuJu/Edelman/Hilton/Robinson/LAR Johnson(max 5)
Brate(just lost OJ)
But my IDP is solid. The lack of BOOM star power is my flaw. Hunt is the only guy who can reach 30 who isn’t a QB.


So my work does a 12-person league every year, $20 buy-in. Because of the schedule and family demands there is no actual draft event, and all picks are autodrafted

So when that happens, you get bullshit like what happens with my team:

QB: Mahomes/Cam
RB: Zeke/Ito Smith/Royce Freeman (had Aaron Jones but stupidly cut him because of his inactivity early in the season)
WR: Tyreek/Evans/Cooks/Funchess/Humphries/Snead
TE: Gronk/Rudolph (had OJ Howard but he’s done for the year)
Flex: Usually I put Cooks in this spot
K: Gostkowski
DEF: Chicago

Currently undefeated. But don’t worry, I’ll lose in the playoffs like I always do because football is funny like that


And just when Sanchez was about to get a job in the Skins…you bastards…


Yeah I’m first seed. Got lucky with my squad for the most part

Griffin (the older twin)
Ravens/Jags DEF

That’s off the top of my head. I know I missed one or two, but I don’t use them anyway so it doesn’t matter.


Seriously this is the best feeling rooting against your own players in fantasy. I played Robinson because I knew he would be blanketed by Slay and every time Chase throws his way I root for a drop. Pretty much made the worse possible lineup I could along with 3 players who likely will miss Sunday but not listed as out as of now and I can claim I was out of town and unable to fix :)… Never in 13 years of fantasy would I guess I would not want to win a week.


DA BEARS 8-3 baby !!!

The defense is gonna be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.




God I hope Sanchez gets a snap and we can relive the Thanksgiving butt fumble.



Kerrigan is still a beast, I see!


Fuck the cowboys and this game.


They score a TD and it will be a wrap.

Edit: And it’s a wrap. More shitty tackling.


How do you miss that hit on Reed?


The same way the missed the obvious PI on Doctson last week that cost us the Texans game.


This weekend I want WSU Cougars to win because they might be in the Final Four…



The Carolina kitty cats…