The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Mr Bell hasn’t anyone ever told you Trolls don’t take holidays off?


Fuck Bob McNair… RIP but fuck you…

Heaven will make sure never to let you… if your even allowed in… to the run the asylum…


The NFL has find Tyreek Hill for throwing up the peace sign on this play:

The NFL has determined throwing up the peace sign in that nature is taunting.

The peace sign that cost Tyreek Hill $10,000.


I will just say my condolences for his family.

I don’t know if he was as big of a closet jerk that some of his later in life public quotes and politics seemed to hint or if maybe he just had a habit of saying what he means poorly. In either case I know losing a love one sucks and I do appreciate the good, he and his family have done for Houston both with getting the city back a professional football team and the various charities.


Jaguars are trash.
Jalen Ramsey is trash.
Bortles is trash.



Thank you Denver for Demaryius Thomas!!


So funny after debating trying to just lose ESPN writes an article about it.

Fun part is I still fucking won playing a subpar team(goddamn JuJu going nuts). Would of won by 40 if i played the better options.

I still disagree that you shouldn’t try to avoid clearly great rosters. Like for me if I win I avoid the 2 I want to avoid and one now because he lost is playing a win and in vs his opponent.


So it appears the Ravens might be the first team to go with a literal QB by committee time share. Like in theory it could work but it would make things a lot more complicated. They did it already but was only a few plays here and there.

Like you can use Jackson on 3rd and 3 or less and in all run downs and Flacco would be great on 3rd and 4 or more and any passing situations or if the Ravens fall behind early. This would open up passing for Jackson and better run options for Flacco as well.

This is a fun QB controversy that could end with a unique situation you rarely see.


Let’s see if it goes the route of the 9ers when Mike Singletary was using three QBs Alex Smith being among those three.


The Saints have been doing this with Drew Brees and Taysom Hill all season. That’s part of the reason why Brees’ yards and pass attempts aren’t as high as seasons past.



So apparently the Redskins claimed Rueben Foster.


Not a fan of the move personally. Apparently, the Alabama guys on the team vouched for him :expressionless:


Same here. I hope the can help keep him in line.


Yes Taysom and Jackson both have but not a literal 5/5 split timeshare or even 2/8+. That is unheard of because its complicated for EVERYONE. I love this trend to bring out the read-option with a QB capable of maximizing it to keep defenses honest.

Right now it appears Flacco is out this week as of today and if the Ravens with Jackson/Edwards combo beat a Falcons in ATL I assume Haurbaugh would be hard pressed to not move officially off of Flacco. He is coaching for his job/future. He still might bolt and move on peacefully hopefully down south to Tampa :slight_smile:

Speaking of Gus Edwards… Him and Josh Adams both in fantasy might be those late season all-stars who become low end RB1s and propel teams to the title… Seriously was so happy Adams actually got 22 touches after Pederson claimed he was going to be the bell cow and it looked grim with those 4 first half touches…and today was more than happy to drop AP for Edwards via claim and this amazing upside. Both are easy RB2’s but if the workload sticks they can be RB1-.


Time for another magnificent episode of “Days of Our Steelers”


its time to move on from flacco. unfortunately john probably wont be there to see it through as his era is attached onto flacco but the team is responding more to jackson and while raw its good to give him the reps. he could potentially become a star in this league. the ravens have seen flacco and what he is at his peak and his cons. Big ben will retire soon, Cincinnati is in a flux and the browns are becoming more of a irritant than any one couldve imagined, actually competing in ballgames now. the treadmill needs to end and its time to move on. so that they can compete in this division/conference for the future.

andrew lucks offensive line seems to be a bit better and he got healthy hence the resurgence.


Seriously WTF is going on with this game right now. I hope this first drive so far is signs of things to come for the Saints this half. The bandwagon Cowboys fans that will come out of the woodwork if they win is going to drive me fucking nuts.


This game is some bullshit. WTF man.


Wow, I didn’t think the cowboys defense would be doing this good (slowing the saints offense down).