The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Yeah it feels like the Saints have had the ball for like 5 minutes. Officiating is terrible too.


Man fuck these refs. They can all die in a fire.


You had one job New Orleans…ONE JOB! :rage:


Just goes to show that good defense can shut down a high powered passing game.


Or have a team of refs that clearly need to retire. Bad officiating all around.


Hopefully the delusion of grandeur by Eagles fans is done now. All I heard before even the Giants game was “We’ll be in a 3 Way Tie by Monday.” I haven’t wanted to slap my own fanbase in the face that hard in a while.

The Saints lost this game, but the main loser was the rest of the NFC East. The Cowboys put the division on lockdown.


LOL @ michael Irvin in the post game show, after saying the cowboys defense is playing lights out he asked who has the best defense in the NFL and then stutters a little and says the cowboys defense showed tonight they want to throw their hat in the ring of being the best defense in the NFL.

I give the cowboys their props for playing good defense and slowing down the saints, but for Irvin to say they have the best defense in the NFL is a bit of a stretch.


When you hold Drew Brees to 124 Yards Passing you’re allowed to flex a little bit.


Oh I understand, its just funny with the look he had on his face when he talking about it…….looked like he was biting his tongue for dear life not to mention the Bears defense…lol


I’m sure this crazy bitch deserved it


I didn’t see the kick in that video, and I don’t really see anything that he did in that video as being really bad. He was basically pushing her away once she came at him. It’s kind of hard tomake out from that video.

Also the videos of his boys speaking down below of the incident and the drunk chick telling her side, it’s clear that she is hammered and is making no sense. There’s no way in hell she asked the front desk person to call 911 and they said no and told her ‘that’s what you get for being a slut’ there is just no chance in hell I believe it. I mean she starts fake crying and everything. I believe Kareem’s boys side of the story over here side of the story. He’s completely sober and coherent making total sense, while she is hammered and all over the place.


I just saw this when I realized Hunt went from almost 20 to 0 Fantasy points… luckily Ware was available but ummm having to drop Gus Edwards for him is annoying. Odd that NFL never posted anything about this and why no one realized Ware was open.

Seriously Hunt looks like he might be innocent on his story which is why I am not focusing on the video. If he is guilty he deserves max punishment his actions.


The court of public opinion on social media says Hunt is guilty of domestic violence even when he didn’t have an intimate relationship with the drunk girl.

Edit: Now that the video is public, the girl will end up looking like the victim. She will sue and either win or settle for some money. Get drunk, get kicked out of the room for being drunk, act like you’re the victim when you’re the one that wants to get back into that room, profit.


People are stupid. He was fucking stupid but the way it was talked about I thought he went Ray Rice on her. He’d probably been okay if it wasn’t for the half ass kick he gave her. Dumbass should have called Hotel security and had them escort her out of the building. Now his reputation is permanently sullied.


Holy shit, the Chiefs just cut Kareem Hunt.


Redskins bout to pick him up


WTF man. I figured at worse he’d get suspended 6 games.


The Chiefs probably didn’t want any distractions at this point of the season. They probably thought it was best to cut ties with him so don’t have any type controversy heading into the playoffs. The girl assaulted one of Hunt’s friends, spit on Hunt, and still wanted to get back in the room and he’s still being made out as the bad guy lol.

Hunt and his friend should have filed charges for this incident to cover their asses.


Damn this escalated quickly… The Chiefs have Ware who served fine in 2016 so its easier to be like “not our problem” when you playing a easy opponent and enough time can go by it just goes away.

The team wants someone to claim him so they can take over the drama,

So as it stands this situation in murky AF but Tampa if it shows he might not be fully guilty better claim his fucking ass.


Dude is 23, has 3000 scrimmage yards and 25 TDs in less than 2 seasons. Someone is signing him. If Foster got picked up, no way Hunt doesn’t.