The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


You’re in a high profile position, you call Security or let someone from your entourage handle it. Never handle it personally.


Seriously only the Raiders and Bucs will claim him. Every other team have RB’s capable of playing and no reason to add this kind of distraction.

The Skins are the 3rd option but after claiming Foster that move seems unwise.

The Texans are the only other possible option.


You are underrating Hunt’s talents, there are plenty of playoff potential teams that could use someone of his skill set. We joke about the Skins but they legitimately would do it to form a 1-2 Punch with their other dumbass RB, AP.

There’s going to be at least 10 teams lining up on waivers to get him and they’ll use every excuse in the book to overlook this incident.


No I looked at the NFL waiver order 32-1 and it was easy to see who needs a RB and who would not want the distraction.

All 12 current playoffs teams are set man minus the Texans which is why I added them.

Only the Bucs/Raiders lack a real RB capable. Look I love Barbers 100% each play style but he is a backup and the Raiders have Tampas left overs. The Skins would love him but again they jumped a week early.

Im looking at LONG term value not short. If the Pats claim him I wont be shocked for short term if he is able to play again but id bet hard no playoff current team claims except the Texans.

Seriously 31 teams are calculating out these options RIGHT NOW.


I looked at the Waiver Order as well. You sincerely overestimate how much NFL teams care about “distraction” if the talent pays off. Ray Rice isn’t in the league because his talent dropped off the cliff at pretty much the same exact time he pulled this shit. Joe Mixon IS in the league because just his sheer potential was enough to get him a contract. Reuben Foster got claimed immediately because as much of a dumbass as he is and even with his drop off this season, his talent level was enough to get a look from a team desperate to stay in the Division hunt.

Keep in mind as well, the only reason Hunt was cut to begin with was because he lied to the Chiefs org about what he did. If it was just the video and nothing else he’d still be on the squad. This is the same Org that still employs Tyreek Hill because he was upfront about the things he did, paid his debt and has moved forward gracefully. And what he did was worse.

Teams may not want “distraction” but you can bet your ass they’re salivating over the chance to get this type of talent out of nowhere for the final 6 weeks. And you say the Current 12 Playoff Teams sans the Texans don’t need a RB. Let’s say I agree with you on that. Luckily, this isn’t Week 17. The Playoffs aren’t decided yet. There are a bunch of teams a game or two back of either the division or Wild Card who may be DESPERATE for an addition like this. Hell the only thing that could possibly hold Philly back from taking a flyer is how Josh Adams performed last week. Philly is the same Org that brought in Vick post-prison, kept Riley Cooper after his bullshit (mostly thanks to Vick ironically), and willingly stuck by Michael Bennett after everyone, myself included, had turned on him for more of his shit.

Personally I wouldn’t want Kareem Hunt, but I’m also not an executive manning the Defending Super Bowl Champions who are in danger of missing the playoffs outright. I’m fine throwing the white flag and saying “Next Year”. Howie Roseman though…


You can scratch the Texans out of that list. They make it a thing to try an obtain pretty “clean” players so Hunt would be a no. This line of thinking has hurt them in the draft which led to them picking that glass corner Kevin Johnson over Marcus Peters.


Honestly Hunt seems like a good fit for the Colts. A three down back playing with the current incarnation of Andrew Luck would be dangerous.


He probably won’t get a job this season the heat is something no team with a legit playoff chance wants to deal with. He and Bell will be a great test for the NFL, do teams really value the position or will they just draft or pick up younger or less controversial talent.


No winners in the Hunt situation (except TMZ)

The footage is polarizing. It’s not as severe as the Ray Rice incident, but it’s enough to cause the Chiefs to lose money if Hunt is still on the team.

The precedent was set when Marcus Peters was shipped off after committing lesser transgressions. Chiefs will not put up with any distractions if the Super Bowl (ok really just season ticket and beer money) is on the line.


I get what you are saying but it seems silly when you know what Tyreek Hill did. I mean choked his pregnant girl friend and punched her in the stomach and they drafted him knowing that.


With Hill, the Chiefs did their homework and took him knowing that it would only cost them a 5th round pick (and whatever the rookie minimum is) to see if he would even bring anything to the team. If he did something similar while under contract he would have been gone without a thought. Kelce had some off-field issues as well, Chiefs only drafted him after his brother vouched for him.

I didn’t think Hill would see the field his rookie year, but leaving that speed on the bench is like keeping the McLaren in the garage.


The difference is there was no video of it. Had there been a video of it, the dude wouldn’t be in the NFL.


I know there is no video. Doesn’t change my view. Even in text form. That is abhorrent. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying people shouldn’t get a second chance. I just find it hypocritical in this situation, because it seems to be more about PR than any sort of team policy.


Yeah its’ just about PR for sure, reactionary responses to the video being leaked. I’m confident Ray Rice would have been in the league a bit longer had that video never surfaced. You also wouldn’t have seen people lining up to trade in his jersey for another one.


Why Tampa does this is beyond me. Today Winston looked liked a top 5 QB. The Defense showed up. Its like we are dead so lets decide to showcase our potential.

But truthfully 4 weeks ago when Cam and the Panthers were DOMINATING us, Cam did a slow walk gloat into the endzone when left wide open to run, that play was called back. His face losing this game was worth 100 of those. Its ok Cam you can go to Evans house and watch the playoffs with him.


Packers were done before but if you needed any more proof McCarthy and his staff need to get gone losing to one of the worst teams this season at home should get that message across. Throw in the team President /GM because so far the only position with legit talent and depth has been the WRs.


Steelers did it with Roethlisberger (he wasn’t charged) so they should be a team looking to sign Hunt (who also wasn’t charged).


Wow Mike McCarthy fired.


Damn, I figured they’d wait until Black Monday.


I love “parted ways”…

He was fired because he has rode Rodgers this far and with the crap he has put around him he is a one man army with Adams being his only helper.

Packers pretty much saying to ANYONE looking that the best available team in a while is open with a legit QB1 future HOF and enough to work with. I thought Tampa was going to be the most appealing but yea I would want Rodgers and well anything else that comes with that.