The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Rodgers hasn’t been helping himself this year either. He’s been off the whole season, throwing bad passes and missing wide open receivers. I know he got injured earlier on and definitely seems gimped, but he is part of the problem too this season as to why they aren’t doing better.


For any other QB Rodgers season would be good. That’s what cooked McCarthy. Rodgers wasn’t covering his shit coaching this year due to his bum knee.


About damn time.

Been saying it forever, that McCarthy and the Packers Org. has practically wasted away the Prime Years of Rodgers. Post-SB XLV I said that these are the years in which you do Everything in your power to get players to allow Rodgers to get you to more Super Bowls.

We’ve seen nothing since then, and play calling that’s never ever changed. As I said, if I can tell what you’re going to do, what do you think the defensive coordinators on opposing teams are going to do to you?

Honestly, this has come way to late, and he should’ve been fired back in 2014 when after that 2014 NFC Championship game.

Thank Goodness, and I hope that they pick up a proper Coach after this season as well. I’m going to be looking forward to a high draft pick, because their is no way we were going to make the Playoffs even if we had won this game. Basically it would’ve just secured McCarthy to diminish Rodgers career even more.

As I said, Two Back to Back All Time Hall of Fame QBs in Favre and Rodgers…and we only have Two Super Bowls with that.

Packers better step their game up in the right direction.


And how many Super Bowl wins did the Colts have with Peyton?

How many do the Saints have with Breeze?

And how many do the Giants have with Mr. Mediocore Eli?

IMO you can’t JUST measure things by Super Bowl wins.


10 VS 3

43 VS 16


How many SB wins did Marino have?

Aaron Rodgers being the highest paid NFL player doesn’t help his situation much when you can’t afford to pay for good support. I mean, yeah, injuries are definitely a problem. But you have to have a deep bench. Doesn’t Brady agree to a lower salary for the sake of keeping good talent on the roster?


Yeah but Brady is different because his wife makes more money than he does even if he took a higher salary. So that’s part of the reason he does that I’m sure. Us peons though we’d gladly take $15 million a year instead of $25 million a year if it meant we could have better teammates, but these guys that are the best in the world are of a different breed.


For the record, tom brady has a bigger cap hit than aaron Rodgers does.


Also for the record, Tom Brady has 1000 Rushing Yards!




I am so glad Green Bay finally did the right thing. Several years too late but it is done. Hopefully whoever they get will be able to work with front office and build a competitive team that can help Rodgers instead of one built on his shoulders.

Seriously start with the offensive line and work from there.


The Green Bay Packers front office has done a terrible job (for mulitple years) on getting the necessary talent to get the team to another Super Bowl.


It’s a good thing I’m emotionally numb when dealing with the Redskins…



Welp. Now I’m gonna have to hear the Cowboy fans talk shit for the next month. After tonight, there’s no way that they DON’T make the playoffs.


Yeah, because either the Colt McCoy or Mark Sanchez led Skins were really gonna stop them from making the playoffs. The second the Cowboys beat the Saints, them winning the division was confirmed.


We had a legitimate shot with Colt. He knew the office better than Alex. As usual, Colt proves to be brittle.


Redskins weren’t going anywhere even if they had Drew Breeze at QB with how shitty their defense has become.


I didn’t say we’d win a playoff game. With Colt we had legitimate shot to make the playoffs. Our ILBs are sispect in pass coverage. The league has figured that out and that weakeness is going to be attacked from here on out.


Skins weren’t making the playoffs period with this defense. Hell they might not even win another game. They are the second to worst defense in the last 5 games by about 4 yards more than the Bengals. They are averaging like 27 or so points per game, and that includes the game the Bucs scored 3 points.

You know how many times the Redskins have scored more than 27 points this year? Once, way back in week 3.

The Eagles scored 28. And you have to remember, they went for it on 4th and goal from the 1, AND threw a pick when they were in the Redzone. They could have easily had 38 or 40+ points.