The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


No the Eagles could have had 28 points and that’s what they got. Unless you get jobbed by the officials, you get the points you actually earn.


Exactly, I hate the “Eagles could’ve scored more points.” They suck in the RZ this year. We aren’t living in Magical Christmas Land where they aren’t and they’re winning the NFC East by a huge margin. What happened in this game is exactly what the Eagles are. Extremely solid when on, but bogged down by immensely stupid mistakes on all sides of the ball.


I’m not even talking about how good/bad the Eagles are, I’m talking about how bad the defense is on the Redskins. If it wasn’t a poor coaching decision, and they kicked a fieldgoal, the Eagles would have put up 31 points and the defense of the Redskins would have allowed 31 points instead of 28.

Yes it’s a fact the Eagles scored 28 points, and no one is arguing any different. It’s also a fact that if they didn’t go for it on 4th and goal from the 1 and instead kicked a field goal, that there is a 99.9% chance they would have made it and scored 31 points.

The Redskins defense is atrocious, regardless of how many points the Eagles scored. Norman’s pick wasn’t even a great pick. He made a great play after the pick, but it was just a poor throw by Wentz.


And again, that’s the team they faced. A team can always play “better” or make better decisions in hindsight. There’s no point to hypotheticals.


Redskins lost to the eagles again? Remember the classic


Anyway the Cowboys already won the division so there’s not much else to talk about this year for the rest of the NFC East squads.


Doug Pederson goes for it on 4th Down more than anyone. If the Eagles would have blocked Zack Brown, they would scored 35. No point in playing the what if game. Only time I entertain that is bad officiating.


Then you should be talking about the missed false start on the Eagles first touchdown throw. The right tackle jumped early as shit but nothing was called. It was basically the same thing as the Steelers/Chargers game. In general the officiating the past few weeks has been horrendous.

And again you’re just missing my argument. The Redskins defense is atrocious whether they allow 28 points to be scored or 40+. Either of those are going to lose you games and going to keep your teams out of any type of contention.

Cowboys will likely win the NFCE and then will get smashed in wild card weekend because their offense is terrible and Dak is terrible.


Look at this shit. How was this missed?


Snake bit.


You are a Redskins fan. You know that calls are “missed” against us all the time. Clear headshot on Reed. “Missed”. Two DBs draped over Doctson downfield missed. O-lineman with a two fists full of Ioannidis’ jersey in front of the officials. “Missed”. We get less calls than an ugly girl at the Playboy Mansion.


Chiefs get zero calls, have a few guys get hurt, have a defensive player pull the heel turn mid-game, have Vince run-in with a chair shot, and still lose by only three points


Redskins finally found their backup for Mark Sanchez…


Who in the blue hell is Josh Johnson?


A mobile inaccurate fringe QB, that seems to get signed whenever teams have QB injury issues. The fact that we picked up him, Sanchez, and claimed Reuben Foster probably has Kaepernick’s lawyer salivating.


I still don’t understand why everyone thinks Kaepernick is some stud QB. He hasn’t been in the NFL in like 2-3 years and last he was in he was benched because he was playing like crap. Yeah yeah he’s been working out blah blah, but that is nothing compared to practicing with a team and playing in a live practice.

It’s not like it matters anyways, they are already screwed with a 3rd stringer starting the remaining 4 games. If they get to the 4th stringer it’s not going to be any different.

There’s audio of Jay Gruden addressing the Kaepernick situation if you want to hear why they didn’t go that route and it makes complete sense from a football standpoint.


The Reuben Foster thing means the Skins are screwed either way (and it’s their own fault). They don’t offer Kaep anything, they feed into his collusion lawsuit with Josh Johnson who hasn’t been in the league for 5 years.

HOWEVER, if they did offer him something, Kaep in no way would be able to actually sign. If he did, he would essentially be okaying the Foster signing and the Skins name on top of all the other grimy things that team did. For any other player it’s whatever, it’s a job. For Kaep, whose very image hinges on being someone willing to give up his job to take a stand on social justice, signing with the Skins would essentially be seen as a huge sellout and would destroy his morality base. If the Skins hadn’t been complete asswipes and not signed Foster, the PR department on both sides could’ve done some work making it look fine but the Foster thing means there’s no way Kaep could or would ever sign without fucking over his own cause.


Stud QB? No. Better than Sanchez and Johnson? Absolutely. I don’t understand why when ever a scrub gets signed and Kaepernick comes up, people jump to him being a stud QB. Not huge fan of the guy but the goalposts get loved massively when he comes up. Also Gabbert started over him because he was coming off of two surgeries. When he was healthy enough to play he started. Was he great? No, but 59% Completion 16TDs and 4INTs is good enough to be a backup. For his career he throws almost 2.5 TDs (72) for every 1 INT (30). Sanchez has 1 to 1 ratio.


That’s great, bringing up stats for a guy who hasn’t played with a team in 2-3 years, like it matters at all and is relevant. It’s not. Why not get Tony Romo out of the booth then he’s a better QB than Kaep and is only 2 years out of football too?

Sanchez scheme wise is way more fitting for the Redskins the Kaep is. They would need to revamp the offense completely to be more run oriented if they wanted to get a QB like Kaep in.

So yeah, let’s revamp the offense in 5 days for 1 guy and make the rest of the offense learn a new scheme, or bring in a guy who’s skillset is closer to the scheme that is already in place so only 1 guy will have to learn it. Hmmm which one makes more sense?

And you know that Kaep has an open lawsuit with the NFL right? He’s not getting signed anywhere to work for the company he is currently suing. No one wants that baggage. And Kaep is all about race equality so I highly doubt he would even play for a team with a ‘racist’ name.

There is just so much more to this than everyone spouting IT IS COLLUSION!! Although I do agree that when the whole knee shit went down he was clearly blackballed. But that is like 2 years ago and things have changed quite a bit since then.


And for the record, I think Kaep would be a lot more fun and interesting to watch than Sanchez. I’d rather the Redskins sign Kaep. But it ain’t happening, it just doesn’t make any sense from a football or business point of view for them.


Josh Johnson has not played since 2014. Kaepernick is more similar to Alex Smith from a skillset standpoint than Sanchez. We ran a lot of RPOs and read option plays with Alex. You can’t run any of those with Sanchez. And the “we can’t sign him because hasn’t played in 2 years because we’ve been blackballing him for two years” logic is hilarious.

And for the record, I’m not saying Kaepernick is an elite qb. I’m just find it laughable to have a top 80 QB (Sanchez) that doesn’t fit your offense and a top 120? QB(Johnson) that hasn’t played in 4 years as a back up on the roster. When you have guy that’s at worst a top 40 to 50 guy available. Especially after you claimed a radioactive alleged domestic abuser that hasn’t lived up to his 1st Round status.