The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


See you’re putting Kaep in top 40 - 50 QB’s in the world. I don’t put him there and neither do many other people. He ain’t even getting jobs in other professional football leagues. Josh Johnson was the first pick in some professional spring league so there is that. I also don’t really give a shit about who is the 4th string QB. I or you could be back there and they’d be just as fucked as whoever they bring in if the 4th stringer gets in the game.

Also, RPO’s and options with Smith weren’t doing much. It’s clear as day that Smith has lost a step (pre-injury) with his feet so they weren’t even using them that much.

So yeah, I’ll agree to disagree.


Yeah I’ll definitely agree to disagree. The vast majority of NFL backups are trash. I don’t see putting him as a Top 10 backup as being generous.


That’s why it’s not worth it.

Why get a backup that may suck a little bit less but comes with a media circus and tons of baggage when you can just get a backup that sucks the same/less/more? Either way you have a shitty backup.

It’s like saying your shit doesn’t stink as worse as mine. Either way, that shit stinks.


That logic is flawed… The Skins said this when Smith went down… I ask you who would any REAL Skins fan who cared about the season want right now when you still in the hunt…Butt Fumble himself or a QB who can play behind a busted o-line in Kaepernick?.

Look Colin has played his last snap and is done in the NFL and people should move on from that but history will make him out to be a good guy and the NFL not so much. He will win his collusion case when it comes to close for shit like this.

If the Skins are this dumb then they should know the Cowboys are still the Cowboys and just as dumb. They have a owner who already ensured Sean Lee his job back when one of the biggest factors to this success of the Cowboys has been Vander-Esch. This guy is a baller and at this point looks like a steal by the Cowboy but lets bench him for a injury prone vet who is great when healthy but that will last 8 only snaps before he is on IR.


At least with the Cowboys it’s mildly understandable because Sean Lee IS that good. What they don’t understand is having him spell Vander-Esch and using him on minimal snaps would optimize Sean Lee and protect him from injury, but they are too simple and see it as a demotion.


They did the split thing already but now its clear LVE is a legit LB1 in the league and can not be injured weekly.

Its cool to do that but for a shit of a owner to already call it is why the Cowboys have been in the abyss for 20 years. Most teams owners would shut the fuck up and lets the coaching staff do its job.
4 straight wins and your owner talks personal … GTFO… Its why I hope the Eagles pull this off come Sunday…


And if we do, then what? The Cowboys are still the favorite to win the division even if we beat them Sunday.


that whole he fits the system better is bullshit. If a team is trying to win the coach will make the adjustments this spell collusion all over it. But then again the redskins are incompetent and signing a guy that hasn’t thrown a pass in over half a decade proves that. The kaep situation becomes less about collusion as the years go on and more about him being out of the league too long. unless you are the redskins and you sign buttfumble who has hasnt been playing as long as kaep has and a guy who isnt even borderline relevant. he will get phased out the league probably for other pastures but he will win his case and the cowboys should win the division.


Fuck fuck fuck Smith has an infection after surgery


Smith’s career might be over.


He should just hang it up after that injury. Smith is a class act and a great guy who had a lot of success in the NFL. No shame in quitting after your leg fell off, even if he does make a full recovery and gets in football shape again. Fuck that. Collect your $55 mil and start coaching or something.


Yeah I’ve been reading about this. I just hope dude can recover to live a normal life. Football is the least of my concerns.


Yeah, Smith is a pretty well known good dude, turned his career around after being a bust to a damn fine QB. It silk be shame if this is the end but hopefully he will be able to recover to at least function in a normal life.


After last week’s bitch move by OBJ during the onside kick, we get this…LOL


For those who don’t know about OBJ not diving for the ball during a onside kick


25 points unanswered. Dunno what happened to the Bucs but I’ll take it. Who Dat!




Redskins were about as bad as you could get today. I didn’t expect a W but holy shit that was brutal. I will be swapping my Redskins lanyard back to my Capitals lanyard tomorrow before I step foot into work.


I actually left the sports bar I was watching the game at half time. I braved snow for that bullshit. I’ve never done that before. We are going to end up with higher draft pick than the Giants.


I want to burn the refs alive already and it’s been one minute.


Gruden and Allen must go! Snyder needs to wise the fuck up and realize Allen is a cancer to this Redskins organization.


He would, except that the biggest cancer to the org is Snyder himself.