The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Allen, Gruden, and Manusky should all be fired after this season. When you have players crying about having to wear pads in practice and not wanting to practice then all hope is lost and the coach simply has no control. He’s gotta go.


Since before the season began it’s been rumored that Allen is going to the Raiders. With it all but confirmed that McKenzie is being run out of town. It’s very likely. I hate to Raider fans get stuck with Allen, but I’ll be happy to see him leave.


Okay NFL, we get it, you really want the Cowboys to be the division winners. Whatever, you got it.


For as bad as the Eagles have played, for as dominant as the Cowboys have played, and as much the refs have fucked Philly, by some miracle it’s only 6-0.



I’d be fine with it but it would make absolutely no sense for Allen to go to the dumpster fire that the Raiders are right now. Like why would the Raiders want him he is one of if not the worst “GM” in the NFL.


It’s because the Cowboys offense is a joke. I’ve been saying it all season Dak is fucking terrible and so is the Cowboys offense. If you look up JAG in the dictionary there is a picture of Dak.


Jon Gruden wants him. He ran off Rich McKay in Tampa and put Allen in. He wants a figure head to do his bidding. For all the public postering, McKenzie could not have been cool with Gruden dismantling all of his young talent and bringing in a bunch of over the hill veterans.


With how shitty he’s been for the Redskins, I don’t see how that would benefit them as being the public figure head. Like he’s pretty much been just as bad as Vinny Cerrato except he doesn’t throw away draft picks and money. His record is probably just as bad or worse. He’s definitely done worse than Vinny though as far as the image of the Redskins and how many things he has botched.


Of course the Eagles would lose like that. Why the fuck not.

Season is over, now I can be ambivalent.


That was a tragedy to watch. I was rooting for the Iggles. Of course Dak throws a touchdown on a shitty pass. Shocker.

The NFCE is complete and utter shit right now. By far the worst division in the NFL.


Gruden is the figurehead. Allen would be there to handle the cap and contracts. That’s all he did in Tampa.


Offensive linemen catching TD passes always make me smile.


The Rams just let an offensive lineman score a touchdown. Now I’ve seen everything.


That was a nice play call by Nagy, nice misdirection thinking hicks was gonna run it in for the td…but fake it to the OL for the score.

So glad we have an offensive minded head coach, there’s no predictability which keeps defenses on their heels.



The defense came to play tonight, gonna be dangerous in the playoffs.


On the radio today they’ve been saying how Jon Gruden can’t stand Bruce Allen and how he thinks he is the biggest liar in the world. There’s pretty much no chance Allen ends up there based on these reports. And it’s nothing new either according to the reports, this has been known for a while and Gruden has had this stance for a while now.

(Chris Russel brought this up today but said it’s been knowledge of people in the NFL for a while)


Didn’t realize that. Clearly I was wrong here. Thanks for the info man. I wonder who they are getting. The Raiders just fired McKenzie.


It’s weird though cause people are also speculating that he could go there to the Raiders when the GM position opens up (which it did) but I think that’s just people who are assuming those 2 are still best friends or something lol.


I wonder do Jay like Bruce. LOL!