The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


I wonder does anyone like Bruce. I have a feeling Bruce is going to get canned. Home games being 20k below capacity is certainly hitting Snyder’s pocket. That finally may give him the motivation to give him the boot.


It was WAY less than 20k below capacity. The ticket sales were around 57k. But that’s not the turnstyle numbers it was definitely less than that, you could tell from TV. I’d guess maybe 40k or even less. And probably 25k - 30k were Giants fans.


Thanks Seattle for beating the Vikings tonight, the Bears can clinch the North division and punch their playoff ticket with a victory over the packers this sunday. i’m sure they want to avenge that first loss against the Packers in the season opener at Lambeau field, time to finally put the nail in the coffin of packer dominance in the NFC North…those days are dead and gone.



well they needed to get rid of someone
cousins has underperformed this year and the game was primetime on monday night where kirk is like 0-6

browns doing pretty good since getting rid of hue and mathmatically they arent out of the hunt yet they just need to play good and see what happens truthfully they shold have 1 more win since the raiders loss was a complete robbery


People thought Redskin fans had sour grapes. We were just telling the Vikings what they were in for. This is who Kirk is. He’ll put up big numbers but fail you during big games. He’s a nice guy, works hard, but he isn’t elite.


DeFilippo was supposedly a hot head coach candidate too. Maybe now he can get a head start on finding another job somewhere else


Teryl Austin was the same way. He got fired this season too.


Having your defense face the Chiefs and Saints back-to-back while the offense plays like dogshit does nothing for your job security. Austin will find another job somewhere.



Cousin’s getting TORCHED today.


I will always root for Cousins as long as he’s playing on that contract. Him being a success on that completely guaranteed contract restructures the market for ALL NFL players contracts going forward.


The problem is that he has to succeed. Failure only sets the market backwards.


Mahomes will reset the market with his second contract. That kid is gonna get paid.


Mahomes is so good and so fun to watch. I doubt as a Redskins fan I will ever know what it is like to have a franchise QB for his entire career. I thought that was going to be the case with RG3 until he got injured too. That turned into such a bust.


He will never succeed with the way his offensive line is performing right now.


ruh roh


Packing it in.


Might get our chance with Will Grier. lol!!!


aint mad at the city one bit (oakland)
its what cleveland shouldve did with art modell after he used taxpayer money and then moved the team

got to teach these people that just because they got money doesnt mean that they can walk all over people.