The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Yeah Football owners and the NFL are a bunch of entitled fucks. They literally are a bunch of billionaires but instead of working to split the cost evenly or take responsibility for the product they own they bitch to local government to pay for these ridiculous stadiums and ask for tax breaks. Then they threaten to or just leave town with the team if they don’t get their way or if they want to move elsewhere.

More teams need that Green Bay deal in all professional sports.


And Cleveland would have lost. Modell’s lawyer would have brought up that the city built a new arena for the Cavaliers, a new stadium for Indians, and The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Modell was losing money. He was taking out loans to sign free agents. It was his team and he had the right to move to place where he’d be profitable. No one wants to say it but I will. Cleveland losing the Browns was the cities fault. They assumed that Modell would never move the team and he called their bluff. They did succeed at having the blame assigned to him.


I didn’t buy the hype of Wentz, Goff shows his flaws and is lucky to be in LA… Mariota sucks and Winston is destined to finish this season looking like a top 5 QB to go back to throwing picks every other possession next year after being paid 20 mill.

I remember when Mahomes was drafted and Gruden called the pick live on EPSN… This pick will look like genius in 30 years. I not only buy but would trade Tampas next 40 picks for him. This guy isn’t just good but truly a once in a generation guy. This is year 2… Imagine year 5…

Dak sucks too…


Mahomes was blessed to be picked by KC, they had a decent starter and there was no rush to put him out on the field. Any other location including my own Houston they would have had him starting in the first year. I believe more then anything spending the majority of his rookie year to hone his craft on the bench, with Andy Reid has made him into the player he is today.


Mariota this is probably his “worst” season and a lot of that is because the style of play Vrabel has brought in.


Not to mention that offensive line. They overpaid Lewan ($80 million extension), who hasn’t been consistent this season. He’s the highest paid player on the Titans’ roster. They invested so much in their offensive line so they better do well in the off season with the draft and signing cheap free agents.


The will probably look for a back up RB in the later rounds and more receiver depth.


Eric Berry needs to just go ahead and takeover as defensive coordinator for the Chiefs. The difference between halves was night and day.


My goodness the Texans offense is dismal today. And it has been letting the defensive side get torn to shreds.


I swear if Houston wins, D.Hop gets the keys to city!!


BoB is awful at making adjustments. What the Jets are doing with the quick releases and having the receivers run short routes is what we should be doing.

Also he was a dumbass for calling that timeout on that 4&1 it helped out the Jets.





Oh shi…JJ’s motivated!!!

…ggpo Jets!!


Barely counts as a win. Just another example of O’Brian’s half ass offense seeing a scratch (RB Miller going out early) and falling apart as the opposing defense adjusts to take it into account when he can’t or won’t.

Short of a miracle and getting a bye, I see a very limit Texans playoffs. Especially if Hopkins is seriously hurt.


I’m excited by the Ravens going with Lamar Jackson. My Jags would be smart to let go of Blake and Sign Joe Flacco in the offseason.





The Redskins won today!!! I don’t care if it was against the Jags, in which they were 7 point underdogs, a win is a win.



That’s what i’m talking about, Rodgers fading into nothingness……




What made this special is that we beat the Packers where it really counted.

We clinched the division…and eliminated the Rodgers from playoff contention.