The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


I forget sometimes why Fantasy can suck. Having my worst week all season by a long shot and my opponent has DeShawn Hopkins go off then starts Henry chasing points and that somehow panned out nicely.

Have a 5% chance to pull out the W but its clear this fool had his best week at the right time and is destined to get bodied next vs the best roster the league has ever had in 10 years.



Start packing your bags, season is over…


It must be a little bittersweet for half the teams in the AFC to still have a shot for a playoff spot, but they have to cheer for the Patriots to keep that shot alive.

Anyway, congrats to the Bears for clinching and thank you Indy for making tomorrow a day to look forward to. Nothing better then a salty Cowboys fan.



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Made it to the championship game in my league. Somebody picked a bad time to let Derrick Henry go, and the rest of the league let him slip through waivers.

Mahomes and Hill have cooled off; I think defenses have caught up to what they’re running. Injuries on the line haven’t helped either. But as long as they put up a solid effort in Seattle, I should be alright (barring some crazy shit in the other guy’s favor)


I hope Lavante David went out of his way to message this guy about playing on a team that isn’t overly popular and been bad for a while. David has been snubbed endlessly for this reason.

or Mike Evans who is 2nd in the league in receiving yards… but isn’t in the pro bowl? but Davante Adams is?..

This is why the Pro Bowl is stupid. Leonard has been the best LB in all of football this season period. Statistically and on the field. Like I don’t watch the Pro Bowl or care to watch it but for these players who are clearly better than players going its not right. NFL would rather is be a popularity contest.


A wise decision by Gordon…


A shame but a all too common story of talent being lost. Hopefully he can pull himself together outside of football because at this point his playing days are over.


Reuben Foster and Kareem Hunt will likely play again in the NFL before Josh Gordon gets a chance to file an appeal for reinstatement.

Drug addiction is a mental illness.


Nothing new but Stephen A. Smith is an asshole:


Fuck D. Thomas just went out with an Achilles injury for Houston. Hate to see his season end like that.


HOUSTON PLS!!! :anguished:



Fuck, good game but they let it slip away. Can’t even blame the refs because there blown calls for both teams.

Worst thing is the injuries at damn near every major position group. Also knowing O’Brian he will concede the next game by not playing most of the starters.


With every game, Foles becomes an even greater Philly Legend. The offseason is going to be frightening no matter what happens in Week 17 but now, we need the Bears to come through.


Lol, go skins week 17!


Texans haven’t clinched yet. Need Saints help right now for that to happen. Also they need to win because Colts or Titans can come in and take the division all three teams are 3-2 in the divisional games.



Damn it is feeling like Houston isn’t even going to get help from NO in locking in the playoffs spot this week.

Brown is killing them.




Now the Bears, go get the job done next week.