The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Also, as it is now, Colts vs Titans is Win and In. It’s all but guaranteed to become the SNF game for Week 17.

Lastly, if the Texans by some miracle lose to the Jags in Week 17, the game instead decides the AFC South and the Texans become the 6 seed.


Welp, Steelers faithful, y’all know what time it is:


They dont do SNF during Week 17. If anything it will end up becoming flexed into an afternoon game.


They already stated during this broadcast that the SNF game next week will be Titans/Colts.


As mentioned, SNF was already announced within two hours of the 4 PM games ending.

They only do SNF when a Win And In or Divisional Title Game is guaranteed. In this case, it’s both at the same time.


On 12/30 @ 1:25 PM

On 1/1 @ 2:00 PM


This fucking organization. Claims Reuben Foster, keeps Mason Foster after what he did, and cut DJ Swearinger. Guess he should have changed his last name to Foster.


The Redskins continue to pull Trumps in the NFL. Just when you think they can’t do anything dumber, they go and outdo themselves. I was listening to him on the Grant and Danny show when he broke that news and I literally did a jaw drop. I was like WHAT THE FUCK??? I was driving back from lunch and ended up staying in my car an extra 20 minutes to hear the full interview. It’s just a complete cluster fuck.

Mason Foster says “fuck this team and fuck the fans” and the team gets his back.

Reuben Foster is allegedly a woman beater and the Redskins claim him off waivers.

Montae Nicholson is caught on video beating the shit out of some dude and he’s still on the team.

DJ Swearenger keeps it real and calls out a coach and they fucking cut him, getting nothing for him.

This is literally the dumbest fucking organization in the NFL.


Oh you forgot the best part.


If you guys pick up DJ, we’d deserve it man. Players on the team are happy. Bruce, Jay, and the enter coaching staff can GTFO as far as I care.


If I’m Eric Berry, I would be kind of miffed at being yanked out of the game right before the pivotal defensive stand that ended up costing the Chiefs the game in Seattle (along with the dumb turnovers and penalties in the first half). If you need a stop, you gotta ignore the play count and let your best players play.

Also, it’s interesting that there are punters and dudes with one hand that are better tacklers than the Chiefs defense.


Some are saying Suh and Fitzgerald were just messing around lol


It would fit with the old narrative for Suh. Can’t believe after all these years he is that crazy.


Praise the Lord this regular season is over with!


Praise the Church of Foles, as we have entered the Offs of Play.


RIP Koetter and thank you Tampa for losing today. 5th pick locked!

Winston has been fucking great… Going overlooked and that’s even better kinda great with a 13-4 TD:INT ratio since getting back job… W/L is a team thing period…

Seriously Tampa deserves to lose its franchise if it moves on from a 24 year old with endless upside and clearly has showed can change these last 6 games.



THANK YOU, BASED RAVENS!!! Also, I’m genuinely shocked that Philly didn’t manage to fuck up getting in the playoffs. Now, if they can not screw around and get upset by a Seachickens team that has no one of note on defense. Also, it’s gonna be rough having to be around my GF’s parents, seeing that she and her folks are die hard Steelers fans, and they are one of the few fanbases I LOATHE…


The chance of that happening are less than zero. Both teams would be out with a tie, so both of the will play for the win.


The Cowboys are playing the Seahawks not the Eagles.