The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Lord Mahomes had the big dick throws on fleek today, and the defense showed up without needing the Eric Berry crutch. The Raiders showed up hungover, but still, wins are wins.

Also I won the fantasy league at work so I can shut up about that for the next 8 months or so


You can take Kirk Cousins out of Washington, but you can’t take the Washington out of Kirk Cousins.


Kirk was like that way before he came to the Redskins.


That’s not Washington, that’s just who he is. When Alex Smith was healthy the Redskins were better than they ever were Kirk.


Why wait until Black Monday…


All times are in pacific time:

On 1/1 @ 2:00 PM (Rose Bowl)


On 1/5 @ 5:15 PM (NFL Wild Card Round)


8 out of 32 coaches fired. It’s a blood bath.


It should be 9 out of 32 but Dan Snyder will keep Gruden as well as Bruce Allen around because he’s a fucking idiot.


If they don’t shit can Allen, there is no point in firing Gruden.


Yeah Allen and Gruden needs to go. With Gruden it seems he won’t make adjustments. It’s like he’s trying to oppose his offense on the opponent’s defense even when they prove they can handle it. Also, the funniest thing I’m seeing now are Jets fans dragging Kirk Cousins.


You never know you dodged a bullet until you see the aftermath.


These are the top six paid quarterbacks and they won’t be playing in the playoffs this year:

This is why coaches like Gruden don’t like giving top dollar for quarterbacks. He will likely dump Carr in the off season. That salary cap hit is just too much if a team wants to win a Super Bowl.


Yeah but Jimmy G got hurt by Week 2, and the Atlanta Defense fell into the Abyss of Death. At least two of those squads ALSO have piss poor coaches and one could make an argument that all 6 have below average coaches.


lol and some Steelers players shit on Bell, who really wanted to play for the Steelers, for holding out on a long term deal. AB bitched at Roethlisberger and decided he didn’t want to play in the last game of the year. Now he wants out of Pittsburgh after getting paid.


He was also one of the only people on that team who publicly supported Bell wanting a new contract.



Oh we ran them off Twitter with all the #FireBruceAllen Tweets. An there is this. The others owners aren’t happy with Snyder and think Bruce Allen is a joke.


But the offensive linemen who publicly showed displeasure on Bell holding out for a new contract showed why that locker room was a shit show.

This is also not the first time AB has gone out of line for the stupidest things.


…and here we go


My buddy today invited me to go to the Ravens/Chargers game on Sunday for free so I’m heading to it.

And it’s ironic as shit that it happens to be the Chargers they are playing because like 4 years ago I went to a Ravens game with him and it happened to be a Chargers game too. And because I hate the Ravens and wanted to fuck with him I bought a $20 Phillip Rivers jersey from China and wore it to the game. So I plan on wearing it again this weekend but I dunno, being a playoff game I don’t know if it will be safe to do so lol. Going to the bathroom is going to be nerve wracking.