The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


That’s an awesome troll job man.





In under a hour of this Tampa released they had already interviewed and with Licht as the GM I feel this might actually happen.

Would be the best Coach since Dungy if this happens. I do worry about Winston in his style of offense but he has a proven winning track record. I would be thrilled if it ends up finalized!


Honestly Winston seems to be the type of QB Arians likes. He’s a pocket passer with a strong arm. Arians would be good for him. Big Ben and Carson Palmer played best under him IMO.


Heard a stat the other day that DeAndre Hopkins didn’t drop one pass this entire season. He had 115 catches without any drops. That is impressive as shit. He has the greatest hands in the NFL.


He’s the best receiver in the league IMO. No matter how good or bad his QB is, the man always performs.



Unfortunately, the way Houston is playing now, his season is going to end today!!!


Yeah, I haven’t seen him make a lot of plays but why the he’ll do they have Colvin not playing and have Wright who I have seen blown more plays then I have seen anyone in the secondary make?


Current outlook for the Texans season right now:


The Texans need to suit the fuck up on defense, the only players on defense showing life and making stops are Watt and rookie DB Justin Reid.



Man…This shit is done.
I’m already about to hit up Monster Hunter World on PC.

Unless the Colts choke up on epic proportions, this is a wrap.


I wish I could say this meme was misplaced. I really wish I could say it was. But you might as well throw the HC and self appointed play caller in there.


Is it fucked up I’m pulling for the Cowboys to beat the Seahawks? I feel so dirty.


I didn’t take into account playoff BoB and his play calling. It was silly that it took being down three scores for him to finally start calling so QB design runs.


That has to be one of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen. I just rewound my DVR cause I was doing stuff with my son and holy shit, you could see the bone snap in half on the replay. God damn that was so nasty.


Yep. Looked worse than Theismann.




John Harbaugh needs to be immediately fired after this. He’s using his contract extension to not give a crap about this game.