The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?




LOL Bears


Some old BULLSHIT…


I’m not even a Bears fan and that ending straight crushed me


Parkey better never show his face in Chi-town ever again


I wonder who is going to kick for Chicago next year.


I kinda want to see Big Dick Nick win back to back SBs as a backup QB.


Big Dick Nick is real.



Gould is a free agent.


Cut Parkey…for his own fucking good, he’ll be dead in Chicago within a week. 6 Uprights in a single year, that’s outright impossible.



Thought for sure my WC bracket was going to go wrong quickly but went 4-0…

Now I have Colts over Chiefs… I came so close to choosing IND to take down the AFC but the Pats at home and such a long shot…

Pats over Chargers … Heart wants to see Rivers win it all but Brady is like 100-0 vs every QB in the AFC postseason and at home…

Saints easy over Philly…
Rams vs Cowboys I went with the Rams but its the Bears/Eagles of this round and I guessed because its a toss up…

Saints over Rams…

Pats over Indy…

I even said I would take Pats and NO even if opponents are DAL/KC.

Saints win by 17 in most boring SB since SEA/DEN…


Wait he’s not on a team? WTF was Chicago thinking. Gould was money.


Gould has been gone from the Bears for years…


Gould was also in the stadium for today’s game lol.

He owns a permanent home in Chicago.


Rip man… 12-4 only to lose in the wild card.


Gould will be a unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. Gould has made 82 out of 85 field goals since the Bears cut him.


Turns out Parkey is free of blame. The kick was blocked.


Double Doink


Well I’ll be damned…Parkey going to post that all over social media.