The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?



Super Bowl LIII


Los Angeles VS Los Angeles.

Book it!!!


Looks like Arians to Tampa should be official in under 24 hours.

This will also give Tampa a GREAT DC in Todd Bowles as Arians is likely to hire his former DC within minutes.

I get some of you are hype your team is still playing for the Lombardi but some of us have waited over 4,000 days for just a appearance in the dance and a chance to win it and anything that might lead to that is major news for us. This truly would bring optimism!


Matt Lafleur is apparently going to be the new Green Bay coach.


If that happens, Mariota will have to deal with a new offensive coordinator and system for the fourth time in five years while on his rookie contract, lolwtf.


Yeah, at this point even as a division rival, I kind of feel bad for him. The guy has talent and some skills but has not really gotten any of it developed. I fear a similar thing happening to Watson due to the fact that I thinking more and more everyday the offensive line issues are not talent so much as O’Brian’s scheme being bad and over complicated. I mean after five years and offensive line play just keeps getting worst. It is starting to feel like the Texans before Kubiak.


The same thing happened to Alex Smith when he was with the 49ers. He went through three head coaches and seven offensive coordinators before he finally reached the playoffs. Smith didn’t make the playoffs until the 49ers got Jim Harbaugh in 2011.

Mariota’s getting a bum deal when it comes to development. He won’t get anywhere in development as a quarterback if the coaching staff keeps on changing. Tennessee also isn’t the most attractive place for top free agents.


That’s why I kind of hope that if Gase doesn’t get a HC job that the Texans FO is on the phone with him immediately. Right now let’s see how Gaines will draft with an actual first and second round picks this draft. He already did something that Rick Smith could never do and that is draft some good players in the later rounds.

Also I think it’s time to look at who will take the reigns from Romeo Crennel.


Would love for Gase or another notable offensive mind to come down, but based on O’Brian’s methods these past few years, I doubt it. Even if he is forced to get a OC, it will likely be someone from within or a Dennison/Godsey type deal where a buddy that could use the position on their resume comes in as a puppet for the HC. I hope I am wrong because I think if he didn’t have his intention so locked into offensive issues he could help the team as a whole prepare much better and a OC that can handle things better but O’Brian loves the offense and I don’t see him giving his vision of it away that easy.




I knew he had an interview but didn’t think he’d actually take the job, but dang that’s a tough loss and I hope the Bears defensive production does fall that much and still return as a top 5 defense next season.




Bob Sutton (Chiefs DC) is still available if any team wants to take him off our hands


No thanks. My team has enough problems as is.


Jesus Christ the Redskins are the dumbest fucking organization in the history of the NFL.

There is no longer the saying “Oh that team is the Browns of the NFL” when doing dumb shit.

The term is now “That team is the Redskins of the NFL” whenever they do super dumb shit.

In case you didn’t hear, not only the the Redskins say Bruce Allen is sticking around as president of the team, he now has expanded roles on the business side of things too. So he’s been promoted for being the absolute worst GM/President in the past decade of the NFL.


Hue Jackson about to get fired…twice in one season. He was the guy that told Browns front office to draft Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett.


Your rant reminded me of Chad Duke’s rant from way back…


His rant today as soon as the news broke was pretty fucking hilarious too. He went into a bunch of “Not only can you do X, Not only can you do Y…” and he named like 8 or 10 things that he’s done that are just historically bad … “and keep your job … BUT YOU GET PROMOTED!” It had me rolling on my way home from work.


It’s hard to watch that rant because Lavar is in it. His voice makes my ears bleed.


Imagine being so bad that Chad doesn’t even want to get 'em anymore.


Home field advantage, eh? How’s that crowd? :joy: