The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


Who gives a shit. Cowboys got owned. Dak sucks and now the whole world knows. Zeke got a whopping 2.3yds per carry and glad we didn’t have to see him do that dumb ass “keep feeding me” shit all game. Eat a dick Zeke you bum.

Eagles will get owned tomorrow and all will be back to normal. No NFCE teams deserved to be in the playoffs.


Eagles are pretty hot right now. I’m not counting them out yet.


Saints at home are WWWAAAAYYYY hotter though.


Once again, the Saints are going to the Super Bowl. Why is anyone treating it like it’s not a foregone conclusion? The second they got the 1 seed, the NFC was wrapped up.


It would be pretty cool and a change of pace if it was Saints/Rams and the Chargers/Chiefs. I mean there isn’t really a team to root against at that point. I’d be pulling for all of em.


Cowboys haters out for blood tonite, everybody taking shots. This movement is real :lol:


Good game to the Colts yesterday. Now Luck has eight months to do something about that beard.


That’ll teach us to believe in the Chargers during playoff time.

It’s gonna be all chalk from here on folks.


Patriots are up 35-7 and Brady is still pissed off going into the locker room



There are Chargers fans?


Was hoping for this:

Super Bowl LIII



RIP Foles magic


That was on Alshon.


Like I said, all chalk from here on. The Eagles were dominated the majority of that game. It was nowhere near as close as the score suggested.


Still RIP if the Saints can get a first down here.

Edit: Saints got the first down. It is allllllll over.


If I and the rest of the Texas based SRK members can’t get an all-Texas Super Bowl, then you ain’t getting a Cali-Bowl!!


Like anyone really wanted to see the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. We’d never hear the end of it.



Time to put Brady’s career on ice.