The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?


They’re preparing the excuses in advance in case the Patriots end up losing that game I see. That’s fine by me as I’d love to see a Saints-Chiefs Superbowl.


You guys realize that it’s butt cold at Gilette stadium most of the home games that the Pats have after December rolls around, right?


Doesn’t matter. Brady apologists will make an excuse for his losses no matter what. I’m sure that you’ve seen them (media/fans) blame losses on terrible defense or lack of weapons every time the Pats lose.




Matt Nagy’s the dude for sure. Wish him continued success (except against the Chiefs of course)

If KC can pull off a Super Bowl run, St. Patrick’s Day will have a whole new meaning locally.


Hell of a NFC Championship.

LOL Saints.


Fuck these refs. May they all go die in a fire :rage:


THANK YOU, BASED RAMS!!! I am concerned about LA’s secondary, going forward. Anyhow, time to see if Mahomes is the light-skinned chosen one or if Bradymania will run wild, once again.

Oh yeah, Saints fans, y’all know what time it is:


You don’t want to see someone lose their jobs… but these refs wow, I know for most this is a side gig and I hope for this crew that holds true although I doubt the NFL will do shit because of obvious reasons they let shit calls or would want a certain team in the Big Game.



Obviously the call was bad but Sean Payton deserves a lot of the blame as well. I mean you needed the Rams to use those TO and run down the clock he got too cocky, cute whatever you want to call it.


Look I don’t like the Saints much but the Saints got screwed period. This should not be a thing in the NFL with so many cameras and technology …Saints fans should be pissed indefinitely for it.



Rams has been getting these calls all year.


Money talks! NFL protecting one of it’s big money markets.


I might have objected to the calls, but then I remember what the Saints did to the Vikings in the NFC Championship game nearly ten years ago and I just smile.


'dat Fourth and inches stop!!
Kansas City, PLZ!!! :flushed:


Refs got some extra side cash for that no-call. Oh well, I want to see Rams vs Chiefs again anyway.


Edleman been fucking up all game. Dude had two CRITICAL drops that turned into points for the Chiefs.

EDIT: Ruling on the field stands. So, when it comes crashing down and it hurts inside…




Romo might be my favorite announcer, lol.