The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?




Easily the best AFC/NFC title weekend of all time. These have been fun amazing games… putting the bad calls aside. May the SB even be 50% of this weekend.


Sudden death, boys!


There has been some damn good football, today!!

…though the Saints did get screwed over!


Bradymania will continue to run wild into the Super Bowl.


Yeaaaaaah but I mean…


Satsui no Brady still ridiculous.


If this is Brady’s last Superbowl then it’s come full circle with the Rams. Should be a good game.


This is by far my least wanted SB match up since Atlanta and New England… so yeah.


What about Eagles and New England? Or Seattle and New England? Or ANYBODY and New England LOL :laughing:


Ironically I don’t or did not actively dislike Seattle or Philly as teams. The Rams and Falcons due to various circumstances I straight up dislike not as much as New England but as to get jizzed on the right side of the face or left side by some dude I am still getting jizzed on. That is what this Super Bowl is.


Funny how the league’s hatred for New Orleans all but guaranteed Brady his 6th ring. Congrats to the GOAT.


Sunday, 2/3/2019, 3:30 p.m.

Super Bowl LIII


Did someone say John Brady?




This feeling must be similar to how Sacramento fans felt back in 2002.

Oh well. GGs, next season.


So Carson Wentz is becoming a diva huh?




Boom boom.




Brady the Furry: