The 2018-2019 NFL Thread: What will Goodell screw up this year?



I’m so fucking ded :sob::sob::sob:


Fucking christ, its literally an entire organisation dedicated to being Dan tier.

Should switch their colors to pink and go full Saikyo.


That front office has been a disaster since Haslam took ownership of the Browns. I seriously think every single college player did their best NOT to get drafted by the Browns. Most of the top draft picks end up being “one and done” players with the organization lol. The front office needs a culture change and it won’t happen as long as Haslam is hands-on with the front office all the way down to the equipment personnel.



It’s the refs fault that Brees threw that pick in OT. It’s also the refs fault that the Saints passed on first down in FG range on their final drive in regulation.


Technically the pick in overtime is due to the refs not making the right call. The not running the ball thing is legit but anything after that blown call is a result of that.


Okay well what about the blatant obvious missed facemask on Goff the drive before that resulted in a FG instead of putting it first and goal on like the 2 yard line?

“anything after that blown call is a result of that.”

You can say that from blown calls that happen on the first drive of almost every game.

Calls are missed. Get over it. The Saints fanbase is the biggest fucking cry babies I’ve ever seen.


True but this was at the end of a game and unlike a face mask that can be hard to see at most angles was clearly a PI or at least helmet to helmet call that was over looked. It may have been by mistake but it is so obvious from most angles that it seems like conspiracy to at least extend the game. Whether you are a Saints fan or not it is hard to let such a blown call slide and chalk it to the game when it could be your team getting hit with it next season.


My team DID get hit with a non-PI call this season that cost them a chance at a chip shot field goal to win the game. I got over it by the next day. NFL even came out and admitted they missed the call.


Remember that time the Saints were targeting Favre and got paid bonuses for how much and how hard they hit him? Yeah, fuck the Saints. I laughed my ass off when they blew that call and Brees threw the pick in OT. Fucking hialrious. I still laugh evrytime I think about it, and all the entitled Saints fans who are crying about getting robbed. I mean, some fans even filed a fucking lawsuit!!! :rofl::rofl::sob:


I don’t know why you guys complain about NFL refs. They’re the reason why I stopped taking this sport seriously. If you watch, you more or less have to be assume that the rules can’t really be enforced or they won’t be.

Y’all can start watching rugby too. Rugby refs ain’t trying to hear bullshit from players.


It’s either don’t expect the rules to be enforced and live with human error both fucking you and helping you at random times, or have the NFL adopt replay for every facet of the game and turn each game into 6 hours slogfests. There’s no inbetween.


Nah if they just make basically all plays reviewable and keep 2 challenges like they have now, it would be sufficient IMO. At least for one season. Also be able to challenge non calls like in the NFC champ game. But it has to be like a VERY obvious botched call, not like how there is “holding” on all plays and you challenge a ticky tacky call/non call.


No it wouldn’t, and you know damn well it wouldn’t. All plays reviewable with only 2 Challenges means coaches would be forced to just hold Challenge Flags for penalty fuckups and wouldn’t be able to use them strategically as they do now.

There were a LOT more missed calls than that PI in the NFC Title game, and in every NFL game because simply put the game is going 100 MPH and the refs, good or bad, are human and are gonna make stupid mistakes.

To me, you can’t have it both ways. It’s one thing with the Challenges as they are now because they do invite a bit of strategy into coaching where coaches will legitimately take certain timeouts to induce a review, or throw a challenge flag on calls they know they won’t get to get an Extra Long Timeout.

But now people want to go further, so you either go the whole way and legislate out ALL Officiating Mistakes by making challenges unlimited and all plays reviewable, if not going even further by making it so League HQ has monitors on every aspect of the field (like an All-22) and call penalties from there, or just let things be and accept that bad penalties are going to happen.


It would have solved this issue. The non-call happened within 2 minutes, where all reviews come from the booth. So if it was challengeable, the booth would have challenged it and overturned it.

And of course there are missed calls and yes the coaches have to know when it’s worth it to throw the challenge flag and when it’s best to keep it in your pocket and not worth the risk, even if the call would be overturned.

I am all for having some kind of thing where we do keep it the same as it is now, but as you said, the guys in NY are monitoring every game and every play, and on egregious calls/non-calls, they can phone into the game to review them. I have no problem with that. There would probably be a handful of them a year. Even if it was only in the last 2 minutes of the game.

They do something like that in the NHL and it works fine.

I’m not sure why you think you have to either make all plays reviewable AND have unlimited challenges, or just keep it as it is now.


The reason is because when a new system is put in place, everyone will inevitably complain about the parameters it doesn’t cover and want new ones.

Two challenges weren’t enough, they put in the 3rd Bonus one.
Challenges for everything weren’t enough, the 2 Minute Rule.
Still wasn’t enough, so now all Turnovers and Scoring Plays are immediately reviewed.

This doesn’t stop, until they go all the way with it, because people will inevitably freak out when a call is missed. Every other sport doesn’t have as many rules as the NFL does so of course more limited replay works fine for them.

So again, you either make it so the technology available is used so a call is never allowed to be missed again, or just live with the fact that they will be missed. These growing half-measures only serve to piss off more and more people when the things the measures don’t cover end up getting exposed.


Yeah I’m going to just disagree, and no chance that is going to happen any time soon so keep dreaming.


I know it won’t happen anytime soon, nor should it. I believe nothing should change other than actually making being an NFL Referee a legitimate year round profession. All Refs have other jobs and treat it like a second job. Of course they’re gonna miss shit.


I’m pretty confident that something is going to change this offseason.